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A Visually Exciting Roulette Game

Playtech has a track record of producing excellent online roulette games but none reach the exciting and fabulous looking gameplay of 3D Roulette. Anyone who loves to play roulette at the table knows that the visual aspect and noise of the ball spinning adds to the atmosphere of the game. With 3D Roulette, you can enjoy the thrills of the classic casino game in the comfort of your own home or on the go on a mobile phone.

3d roulette

Why Choose 3D Roulette?

The game is simple and fun and if you’re looking for a pleasant diversion without much thinking required, this version of roulette

with its straightforward gameplay and exceptional visuals fits the bill.

If however, you are a seasoned roulette player, 3D Roulette provides the challenge. The racetrack features enable players who enjoy complex betting strategies to really get into the nitty-gritty of the game.

New and Novice Players

Basic roulette is simple and standard across all forms but if you are going to play for money, be prepared. It is best to have some understanding of the game before you commit to play. It is usually pretty easy to find a demo online or to be able to try the game for free. Free games are usually unlimited, and you can practice as much as you like to learn the rules and how to play. Free/demo games also give you a great idea of how the real game plays and pays out.


To play for real you need to sign up to a casino or join a bingo site that also offers slot games (most do.) There’s a multitude of sites so review a few before deciding. Most will offer incentives to new registrations, such as free spins or a sign-on bonus (for example deposit £10 and receive £20 bonus). Be aware that it is rare that any of these “freebies” are actually free. Most casinos and bingo sites set wagering requirements on bonuses so check them out before accepting the freebie.

Everything you expect to see at a roulette table is on the game screen. All you need to know is visible on the one screen. As well as the huge 3D roulette wheel, the comprehensive display includes the  type of bet, the minimum and maximum bets, and the pay-out values., the chips pile, and the racetrack.

Capturing the traditional spirit of roulette, the game follows the standard European format. This means a single zero slot and high return to player and inside and outside bets. The racetrack enables you to place call and neighbour bets.

You can bet numbers, colours, or columns as well as rows or sections of the wheel.

There is extra appeal to expert gamers that Playtech have built into 3D Roulette and that is Red/Black split bets.

The game is played via a simulated croupier although really, he is only there to launch the ball. The winning number is clearly displayed after the spin with the results of your wages also prominently displayed.

Close Up View of the Action

The most engaging feature of 3D Roulette is the close view of the spin along with the simulated sound of the ball. This up-close view is far better than you would ever see in a real casino as it is not considered good manners to lean over the wheel when it is in motion. In the online game, the ball moving past the numbers on the wheel is shown in a segment of the game screen. If you prefer not to wait for the wheel to spin, there is a fast play option.

Chase the Thrill

Do a little research on how to play, play a few demo games, then head over to your favourite online casino to chance your hand at 3D Roulette. Place your bets!


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