American Roulette

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If you like to play French Roulette or European Roulette), try your hand at American Roulette. The game is the same except for one variant – which we’ll come to later.  American Roulette brings you the tradition of the ball spinning game in an online game with the atmosphere of a casino.

American Roulette

On the Ball

Roulette is such a classic simple game that it’s hard to mess with the rules without changing the nature of the game, unlike video poker which has multiple variants such as Jacks or Better and Aces and Faces. Games developers therefore concentrate on the playing experience rather than fiddling with the gameplay. 

In American Roulette, Playtech have achieved a smart, visually appealing, atmospheric game that will attract beginners and seasoned players. The playing ground has the look of a slick roulette table with the red and black numbers on blue baize with the wheel pictured top centre.

The game controls are at the bottom of the screen except for the “hot” and “cold” numbers which are displayed in the top right.

Free Demo

Whenever you want to play a new game, especially if you have never played its type before, take the opportunity to try the game in free or demonstration mode. This helps you get used to the way you change your wager, how the game plays, and see how the winning wagers look. Because there are different ways to bet in roulette (any version) you need to understand the types of wager you can make. It is best to read up on these because even playing the demo version will not help you form a strategy. Once you’re happy with the rules, go ahead and deposit funds to play American Roulette at your favourite online casino.


The difference between American Roulette and standard roulette is the additional slot on the wheel. A standard roulette wheel has 37 slots. In American Roulette, there are 38, the extra one being designated as a “double zero”. 

To play the standard game, you select the value of the chip you want to wager on single numbers, two numbers at once, odds/evens, red/black, etc.

If you want a more complex wager, open up the racetrack. The button to do this sits to the left of the chips. On the open track, you pick a number and it automatically bets on that and the two numbers on either side of it, giving a total of five.

When you have selected your bets, you start the game by clicking the green button in the bottom right-hand corner. The ball rolls around the wheel and if it lands on one your numbers you win!

After a spin, you can repeat the same bets or start completely new bets for the next spin of the wheel.

Know the Nuances of the Game

The hot and cold numbers mentioned earlier are those that are most and least commonly landed on. They are there as a reference only, and you can use them to decide on the numbers you want to bet on.

Another thing to note is that the odds of winning are slightly lower in American Roulette than the standard version. The extra zero slot adds in a little more risk of a losing spin. The return to player percentage of American Roulette is 94.74 compared to 97.30 per cent for French Roulette.

The paytable is not in view during the game so you should familiarize yourself with it when forming your game strategy.

If you like to play roulette, this is a good version. It’s easy enough for a novice player and has enough of a challenge for the experienced player to try various strategies.

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