Atlantis queen

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If you have ever watched the famous movie Aquaman, then you will identify a lot of similarities between this slot and the movie. Atlantis Queen is a marine-themed slot found in so many online casinos. The difference between this and the movie Aquaman is that the game has been there for a relatively long period. It debuted in 2012 while the Aquaman movie debuted in 2018. Like in the movie, the game is entirely played underwater.

This slot features five reels, 25 pay lines, and 13 symbols, besides the regular spins, a player can access free spins and bonuses to make their time playing the games an enjoyable one.  

Besides, Atlantis features a non-progressive jackpot of 5000 coins which is an equivalent of $250,000 for a player who has staked a maximum wager. Pay bingo with PayPal to get started on the slot machine.

Without adding embellishments, the Atlantis queen appeases lots of players because of its blue waters and the beaming sky’s. The visuals and the graphics of this game are attractive.

The Atlantis temple round bonus

This slot has bonuses that give a lot of free spins. Any player can trigger the Atlantis temple round bonus by collecting a minimum of three drowned temples. The Atlantis Temple bonus is a new game screen with four rows. Pick one box in each row, starting with the bottom one. The rows represent the bonuses that a player can earn. For the first row, a player can get 4 to 12 free spins. The second row hides an X1-X4 that applies during the game. For the third row, a player gets an additional scatter, and the fourth row hides an additional wild symbol.

While on a free spin it becomes hard to re-trigger the Atlantis temple bonus round unless the Poseidon land on the third reel. In this case, the player earns three free spins.

atlantis queen

Pearl Bonus

A player gets the pearl bonus if three Wilds land simultaneously on the reel. After that, Pearl symbols now start appearing in a 3X3 sector.

Under the pearl bonus, the player earns by opening the shells. The gold pearl is the one that you should target because of its high rewards.  

The bronze pearl and the silver pearl can earn a reward but not as significant as the gold pearl. When a shell is opened and has the bronze or any pearl, the player’s winning is immediately added to their balance.

Other rewards that a player can get are dependent on the total bet. Generally, the higher a spin costs, the higher credit the player can earn on the pearl bonus.

Playing the Atlantis queen slot for free

The demo version of the slot is the one that anyone who wants to play free online bingo can use. Novice players can use it to hone their skills until they feel that they have mastered the game, once they are comfortable they can proceed to the real account. The demo version is credited with 2000 credits which are not in a fixed denomination. The player, therefore, experiences the thrill, then stake as in a real game and do everything in the same manner.

If you are looking to earn a significant amount, then try the Atlantis queen. They offered a demo account with the same feature as a real account. This makes it easy for a player to learn more about the game and play only when they are certain that they will win. Further, there are rewards such as the pearl bonuses and the Atlantis temple bonus to enjoy and profit from.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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