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The premise of all scratch cards is exactly the same. You “scratch off” a surface to reveal symbols underneath that win prizes either individually, in multiples, or in combination. Most scratch cards have multiple games giving various chances to win a prize.

Beetle Bingo is a fun bingo-style scratch card from Playtech that can be played for fun (arcade version) or for real money.

Fun Graphics

The Beetle Bingo scratch card is more of a game than a boring old scratch card. It is a little feast of visual fun that evokes the atmosphere of a regular bingo game.  On opening the game, you are presented with a grassy background upon which there is a jar of dancing red, yellow, green, and blue beetles,  a scratch table hidden underneath a pile of leaves, a bingo card, and a bamboo edged track. Player controls are at the foot of the card.

Beetle Bingo Scratch Card

Free to Play

As the game has a couple of features and animations, try it in arcade mode before you deposit funds to play in a casino. The demonstration game is the chance to understand the aim of Beetle Bingo, to get used to the player controls, how it is played, and how prizes are won.


To play, decide on your stake/wager. Just adjust the default amount by clicking on the plus or minus on either side of the card value. Once you’ve settled on your stake, click the play button in the lower right-hand corner. When you adjust your stake, the “win up to” value is adjusted, and this is displayed at the top centre of the card. This is the maximum possible win from the card you are playing.

The jar shakes and opens and the 15 beetles are released one by one to run along the track. Each beetle is marked with a bingo number from 1 to 90. As each beetle is released its number lights up on the bingo card.

When all 15 beetles are free, click shake to reveal your three games – in effect three bingo lines, each containing five numbers.

If all five numbers in a line are matched to numbers drawn, you win the corresponding prize designated to that line.

It is possible to win all three lines in the one game, but the aggregate prize would never be more than the top jackpot prize.


There is an autoplay which enables you to automate up to 99 scratch card purchases at a time. This means that the game will load up card after card to the number you have specified until the number is used up or you interrupt and stop the autoplay sequence.

You can watch the gameplay out, beetle by beetle, number by number, or you can choose the express version. Click on “Scratch All” and this reveals all the beetles and numbers and scratches all the fields on the card. Please note, the Scratch All function only appears once the card has been purchased.

The exciting feature that makes Beetle Bingo stand out among scratch cards is the shuffle option. If you are not happy with the card you are given, you can change it using the shuffle button. You can shuffle up to three times between purchases, but the option is not available during autoplay. The shuffle function shakes up the numbered series from which your scratch card purchases are drawn.

Beetle Bingo Scratch is fun to play due to its visually appealing artwork and animations and the sound effects and music that add to the atmosphere.  If you can’t have a fun Night Out, have a fun night in with some friendly beetles.

Provider: playtech
Category: Scratch cards

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