Blackjack Pontoon

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Blackjack Pontoon is another classical game made specifically for card lovers. With a lot of winnings and rewards, the developers have satisfied the needs of the online casino aficionados. The RTP which is around 99.96% attracts more number of gamers every day and compares well with that of other table games. The pivotal character in the game, Pontoon itself has a great fan following. The approach to make this game classy and playful is highly appreciable.

Game Play

Blackjack Pontoon is a special variant of the classic Blackjack. This game is enjoyed by an impressive number of gamers due to its engaging interface. Here the character of Pontoon resembles the Blackjack as it was shown in the classic Blackjack game. The gamer must get a bigger point than the dealer without crossing the score of 21. Otherwise, the dealer always wins if you exceed 21 points.

This table game offers two face-up cards to each player with two face-down cards to the dealer. Each player has an option to Hit, Stand, or Split-all during his turn. When all players are ready, the dealer starts revealing the cards and determines the winner of the game.

Graphical interface

The Blackjack Pontoon is all about its winnings and rewards. The interface of this online casino game is simple and easy to understand. The graphical interface of this game is like the Perfect Blackjack game.

The company is more focused on giving out the best games to the users with the least complications. There is a dealer in the game who is also the host of the game. The game is played with 8 decks. This green table-based casino game is very easy to play and pays out unexpected winnings and rewards.

Rules of the game

We have summarized some rules for the games. These rules will help you in understanding the basic gameplay:

  • Eight decks are used in the game with each deck containing 52 cards
  • The game is initiated by the dealer
  • The dealer must hit on 16 and 17 on a soft that includes an Ace
  • The dealer will stand on a hard 17
  • If the score of the player does not cross 21, then it is a Pontoon
  • If the player loses, the dealer wins
  • There is no insurance or surrender
  • The player must hit until he has at least 15
  • The player can use double down in the game
  • The player will get as many cards as needed during the double down

Like with Pop Bingo and other popular games, remembering the rules can help you win more. 

Bonus and rewards

When the initial cards of the two players match with the combination, it stimulates the play table as the player wins the bonus. He can now claim the bonus which is different from the actual amount that he has won by winning the match. If the player wins, it doubles his payout.

Here you can get the rewards in the form of cashback and physical gifts. Also, you can earn points faster and receive free spins along with extra chances. Sometimes you can get your payouts faster than others which are again a great incentive. You can earn free play without investing any amount. You can redeem your bonuses and rewards according to the norms of the casino.

Wrap Up

With a lot of variations and friendly-graphics games, Playtech is ruling the gaming industry. The Pontoon is another star of the success of the Playtech casino games all around the globe. With exciting prizes and high RTP, this game is a treat for the gaming buffs. So, enter the gaming arena of Playtech and win a lot of exciting prizes from this entertainingly joyful game.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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