Blackjack Scratch

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Fans of classic blackjack now have another way to try to beat the dealer with a scratch card version of the game from Playtech. Combining the standard blackjack game with the principle of a scratch card adds an extra layer of excitement and tension until the hands are revealed. It’s just you and the dealer and some big cash prizes.

Understanding the Game

If you have never played blackjack, you need to understand the rules before you play for money. Before you deposit funds in an online casino, read up on the way to play or find a demonstration game where you can play for free.  Demo games are a really useful way of getting to know a game. You can get used to the player controls, the different wagers and their payouts, and how the game plays out.

Blackjack Scratch


The Table

The play screen is laid out like a typical green baize blackjack table with gold accents to give it a touch of class and the feel of a real casino. All the game control buttons are along the bottom of the table and the table is set with the dealer and just one player. Sound effects play but these can be turned off if you find them distracting.

Playing the Game

The idea of Blackjack is to scratch cards to reveal their value and see if they make a winning hand.

First, select the size of your wager using the Card Value +/- buttons. Then click Deal. The dealer then deals six cards which are positioned in three piles of two. The dealer is dealt two cards, one face down.  Three of your six cards are placed face up and three are face down. To reveal the value of the face-down cards, you have to scratch them. This will also cause the dealer to reveal the value of their hand too. The winner will be determined according to the standard rules of blackjack. If any or all of your hands beat the dealer’s hand, you’re a winner. The aim is to achieve a hand of 21. Anything over is deemed as Bust.

Unlike the table version of blackjack, or say, for example, Aces and Faces, in the scratch card version, there is no strategy. You simply have the hands you are dealt.  However, there is one feature that extends your options to create a winning hand. When the cards have been dealt, and you aren’t happy with them, you can change them using the Shuffle button. You can use this button up to three times in each round.

Make it Fast or Slow

Blackjack Scratch has two features that enable you to vary the pace of the game. You have the choice to play the slow version of the game, taking one action at a time. This means clicking the Deal button for every round and scratching the cards one by one. If however, you prefer a faster pace, there’s the convenience of an Autoplay feature.  This enables you to choose a number of rounds that will play without you having to click any buttons/do any scratching.

If you prefer to deal each round but want to speed up the gameplay, the Scratch All function means that the values of all the face-down cards are revealed in one go and you do not have to scratch each card individually.

Beat the Odds

Blackjack Scratch is a luck-based variant game which plays more like a slot game than a real blackjack table game but it’s still fun and the fact that it offers an instant cash prize of 10,000 coins is a good inducement to try your hand.

Provider: playtech
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