Caribbean Stud Poker

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If you’ve ever been to a casino or play casino games online, then you might know about Caribbean stud poker or casino stud poker. Unlike other casino games, this has a lot to offer in terms of returns. ‘Caribbean stud poker’ by Playtech is well known online table game. It is a fun alternative game of poker. In this blog, we will talk more about the game. How it is played, rules, and what it has to offer.

About the game

Caribbean stud poker or casino stud poker is a table pool game that has rules almost like five-card poker. Compared to other poker games, Caribbean stud is played against the house or dealer. It has no other players involved. With the rising popularity of poker, casinos decided to have a house-banked system. This was to keep their customers engaged. Moreover, there is no clear data about its origin. It is, however, different from the 8 ball slots although some people may confuse the two.

Caribbean stud poker is played one-on-one with the dealer meaning it is a setup familiar to blackjack players. But before we play the game we are supposed to know about the setup.

Caribbean stud poker

Setup & the draw

  • In online Caribbean Stud, the player and dealer each receive five cards. The player's five cards will be dealt face up against the dealer which has one card revealed.
  • While both the cards are dealt the player bets an ‘ante’. This is to choose the value of the bet to start around. The ante acts a bit like a blind in the poker. It’s the amount that any following bets are based on. Unlike Holdem, there isn’t a set amount for this blind bet. After the ante is placed the cards are dealt.
  • Players then have a choice whether they want to fold their hand and lose the ante or continue the game by placing a cool bet.
  • The call is always double the ante. That means while playing on you end up waging three times your original bet in total.
  • The aim of the game is quite simply to have a better hand for the dealer.
  • The hands are ranked on the same basis as poker with a high card being the lowest-ranked hand and a royal flush being the highest.
  • Caribbean stud lasts only for one betting round. And then once the call that is made all cards are revealed, and the hands are compared.
  • In Caribbean stud, the cool bets and the ante are counted as distinct. Being sure of your outcome you cannot win both.
  • In Caribbean stud poker, the dealer's hand has to be equipped enough to challenge the player.
  • You would require an ace-king high hand of cards to win. Otherwise, the dealer will fold his hand of cards.

The outcomes

There are four possibilities in the whole when a dealer's card is revealed.

  1. A player wins the amount of their ante, If the dealer doesn’t privilege. The cool bet is returned to the player.
  2. If the dealer's hand does qualify and outranks the player, then both the ante and call bets are lost.
  3. If the dealer has the privilege and the player has a dominant hand and wins it.
  4. Then the player gets back the money on his ante bet and multiplier of that call bet. The multiplier depends on the hand rank they won with. Refer too than the list for the same.


A common strategy is to take a look at dealers one revealed card to decide on folding or to bet an ante. If it’s an ace or king, then it’s good to fold.


In the end, like Joker poker, Caribbean stud poker is a fun game to play. It was created for the poker players and to keep them engaged in the game. Various possibilities in this game can get you a good return. With a clear knowledge about the strategy involved, one can make a good amount out of it.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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