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When we first hear about Chinese Kitchen certain things come to our mind. Noodles and many other Chinese foods strike our mind. However, today we are going to talk about ‘Chinese Kitchen’, a slot machine game developed by Playtech. This is a remarkably wonderful game designed especially, for an online audience to get a real experience out of it.

In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of the game. The rules, layout, and how the game is played.

How to play the Chinese kitchen?

The layout of the Chinese Kitchen represents the workspace of a professional chef. Everything is well-organized as one would expect from the head of the kitchen. The reels cover most of the screen, allowing the player to focus on the main action of slots. The dainty images are drawn taking the form of some rather real-looking images.

With the amazing steam rising animation effect, you will get a realistic feel of hot Chinese delicacies. All of this is to represent the kitchen theme and is done wonderfully well. When it comes to the layout, it is evident that Playtech has hit it out of the park with the Chinese Kitchen.

You will agree that like with the Classic Slots Scratch, the interface is superb! It is a fun game to play due to the arrangements of its features. Firstly, the animations for the slots are amazing on their own, along with the realistic sound effects that play when the reel is spinning or stops. The images are black and white until the reel stops spinning.

On the right of the reels, under our master chef is the information that you will use during your play. The information displayed are; Bet, Line Bet, and Win. The buttons to play the game are just placed under the reels. You will be able to adjust your bet, max bet, spin, and access the paytable flawlessly. 

Chinese Kitchen       

What does each dish mean?

When push comes to shove, the Chinese Kitchen is a fun casino slot game to play. While it only has three reels and eight pay lines, it makes the best use of what’s given. It is not set up like other normal slot games, say, for instance, Ocean Princess. It is set up in 3x3 format, with players able to mix and match pay lines as they fit well with.

If you are wondering what’s best to get the most out of your luck, it is believed that:

  • You will want to get 3 turtles, as they are the symbols with the most value.
  • The order of low to high is as follows starfish, octopus, caterpillar, fish, duck, frog, crab, snail, and finally, turtle being the highest.

Special feature

It’s hard for a few people to go to casinos and thus, a special feature is of your use. Mobile gaming, as known to all is important in today's world. Chinese kitchen is not ported to mobile interface like any other slot games but has been independently adopted. You can now enjoy the Chinese Kitchen on your mobile phones seamlessly without visiting any casinos.


Concluding this blog, we know why and how the Chinese kitchen is best in its format. With intricate designs soothing to our eyes along with the amazing colour combination and realistic drawings give you a wonderful experience. Justifying its name this slot serves its purpose of slot machine on the mobile phone as well. With the simple rules and easy to understand interface, it gives a wholesome experience. Playtech has proved their mettle again by pulling off this slot game. One should try it out to get the experience of the Chinese kitchen.

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