Classic slots scratch

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Classic slots scratch is a unique gambling game made by ‘Playtech.’ It is a combination of a slot machine and card scratch. Thus, you get to enjoy two different games at the same time. Since its launch, the game has been highly reputed for numerous factors. In this blog, we will assess whether the game stands up to expectations or not. Thus, here is a brief review of the game from the perspective of a player.

What does the game look like?

First, you will see the loading screen of the game. You will find the logo of ‘Playtech’ in the middle and at the bottom. It usually takes around 10 seconds to load the game. However, the time may vary as per your internet connection. After loading, the screen jumps to the main gameplay screen. You will observe the interface to be sparkling with multiple colours like gold. Like with the Blackjack Scratch, the user interface completely matches the gambling theme.

Classic Slots Scratch

How is it different?

This game is different in terms of gameplay when compared to other games on the internet. Let us start with the gameplay. The game consists of six different lots. Three in the middle and three at the bottom. The upper slots further consist of three slots each. Now, all six lots are covered initially. You have to click on ‘Play’ to shuffle the upper three slots. After shuffling, you can scratch slots one by one. Based on the combinations you get on each slot, you will win a prize. The prize of each slot is shown at the bottom slot consecutively. You also have the option to scratch all the slots at once. You just have to click on ‘Scratch all.’ The game also gives you the option to shuffle a set three times. To make sure that you don’t get the same set, the game shows you the unique identity of each set.

What are the winning chances and overall features?

To be frank, the winning chances are quite high in the game. Like the Heads or Tails game, it has demo version which you can use to assess your chances of winning. The game has more than 90 % return chances, due to which you will surely get high returns. You also don’t have to worry about managing the money. You can easily keep an eye on the total amount through the ‘Cashier’ section, which is located at the bottom left of the game. Besides, you can win up to 100K Euros from the game. Yes, this is by far the highest reward one can get from an online gambling game.

Above all these, the game also offers you the option of ‘Autoplay.’ Through this, you can play at max 50 times. All the slots will be shuffled and scratched automatically. Moreover, the game allows you to control the volume, fast play, and many additional settings like skip intro. Thus, you get complete control over the game. Below, we have mentioned the main features, which make the game unique.

  • Neat User interface
  • High winning probability
  • Audio and gameplay settings

How much can you bet?

Of course, there are many more slot scratch games in the market. However, the Classic slot scratch by Playtech is better, as it is compatible for both beginners and professional players. The minimum bet of the game is 0.5 Euros, whereas the maximum bet of the game is 10 Euros.

Final Verdict

Overall, the game is exciting and promises high returns. The game even allows you to play ‘live games’ with your friends. It has a decent, and appealing user interface, which makes the gameplay extremely easy. We would recommend you play the demo version first. After that, you can easily play the real game by clicking on ‘Play for real money.’ Keep in mind that you must invest more than your budget.

Provider: playtech
Category: Scratch cards

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