Cops and Bandits

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Cops and Bandits is a precise delightful slot game. It was formed on the typical and lovable subject of police and robbers. This game consists of thirty pay lines and five reels that are filled with characters and figures that are pleasurable. A purposefully comic strip with a superb soundtrack, this slot game runs to maintain concentration. It features Slim McThin, huge police that goes after Skinny Larry and others who are robbers that are parading as thieves over the reels.

This game is an extremely communal pleasurable slot game where gamers assist Slim McThin catching the runaway thieves, including their gang. The intentional youthful spirit of the personalities, the reels, and images contain three major symbols. Therefore, they’re money bags, handcuffs, fierce on red blocks, and others are things that one will find.

Unlike some other games, it comes with great designs and sharp, excellent graphics. Thus, it offers an appealing gaming encounter for both downloadable and non-downloadable configurations.

Key Features 

The five reels in Cops and Bandits comprises stunning figures of the Slim McThin, Skinny Larry, and Tiny George. Others include bags filled with cash, handcuffs, raider silhouettes, the playing cards, badges, and fierce on blocks. Though the wild stands for the wild character, Slim McThin, and the Cops badges stand for bonuses and disperse figures accordingly.

The wild character operates like any other typical character on the reel to enable a union and make it possible for a higher success for a pay line. Five fierce figures any place on the reels make gamers entitled to at most 5000x the playing stack. The emergence of five McThins on the reels also provides substantial payouts with a value of up to 1000 game coins. Certainly, this is an experience you will not anywhere in North London bingos or anywhere else for that matter.

cops and bandits

Free Spins

The free spins’ characteristics are activated with the emergence of three disperse badges on the reels. Thus, gamers need to choose any one of the badges to gain about 65 free spins. Due to the four characters, gamers choose badges two times to gain free spins. An extra characteristic of sealed fierce compared to the sticky wild also emerges in the course of free spins. That occurs when the police are straight on the left or right of the raiders, sealing the fierce by blowing a whistle.

The emergence of three silhouettes on reels one, three, and five activates the float of the array of bonuses. Meanwhile, each gamer then gets to grab the criminal from a roll of eight silhouettes. With that, there’s a chance of winning great outcomes while betting.

The fierce character also adds up as a symbol for winning bonanzas with a payout of up to 4000 betting coins for a single pay line with the emergence of five such characters.

There’s the flexibility of betting even below $0.01 and as high as $50 per line. Even though there are no increasing bonanzas in Cops and Bandits, there’s great disperse payouts. They also provide bonus payouts and sealed fierce payouts that offer more fairness to the sum that can be won while playing.

Gaming Encounter

This slot game is a wind of fresh air with regard to the transformation and imagination in makeup, graphics, and sound. It provides an enjoyable and exciting gaming encounter that attracts many gamblers. Of course, it also promises huge wins. The police are all armed with a whistle and a torch, while the bandits have masks. It also includes inexhaustible cash sacks and fishy silhouettes.

On the whole, Cops and Bandits are certainly worth trying because of its interesting storyline, captivating encounter, and above-average payouts. The enthusiasm keeps soaring because of the several characteristics that make people desire more fun. For your information, this game is available in some free online bingo sites where you get the fun without spending a dime.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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