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There is not even a single casino in the world, which does not have a craps table. The game was first introduced in the 18th century, and since then, it is the most exciting gambling game. Moreover, a good table can offer extremely high returns.

Through this blog, you will know whether Craps by playtech has exciting gameplay or not. We will compare this game with all the other crap-table games on the internet.

How to play and against whom?

In this game, the player plays against the bank. If you are a beginner, then you must usually know, players can play against each other or the bank. The core of this game is the dices. All the rewards and losses are based on the outcomes you get in the dices. After the game starts, you will observe a virtual table. This table is also known as crap-table.

You will observe various options like tokens at the corner of the table, roll, and many more. The basic aim of the game is to predict the outcomes of the dices. There are two dices in the game, which are rolled. However, this doesn’t mean that all craps games consist of the same. Some games even contain five dices.

You can also bet on multiple outcomes in this game. For instance, you can bet on ‘Six,’ ‘ten for one,’ ‘four,’ ‘five,’ and many more. The game also allows you to bet on a field or a selected combination of outcomes. Want to earn big at once? Well, through this game, you can make a big bet on either six, or eight. On winning the bet, you receive huge returns. Besides the ‘Roll’ button, you will find the ‘Clear bet’ option. Through that, you can clear on the existing bets on the table.



The amount you can bet is the most important part of a gambling game. The minimum bet in this game is 0.1 Euros, but the maximum bet varies depending on the market you select unlike with the Mr. Cashback game where it is set to one Euro. However, an ultimate maximum bet of 300 Euros is imposed. Moreover, the bet limit may also change, as per where you put it. For instance, if you bet on ‘Ten for one,’ then you can bet at max 17 Euros on them. This is even applicable if you are betting on a particular field. Irrespective of that, the game is great for both beginners and professional players. You can play the game for small returns, as well as large returns.

Other features

The only disadvantage of this game is the audio. To be specific, the audio before rolling of the dice is extremely annoying. You will observe the AI saying ‘They are coming!’ However, you can control the audio of the game through the settings. Through this, you can mute the audio and enjoy the game. Have some queries? Click on the ‘Help’ in the setting menu. By doing so, a pop-up will appear, which will answer the most common queries related to the game. The game is available in two different themes, Green table, and blue table. Irrespective of that, there will be no change in the gameplay. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the game.

  • Realistic table and dices
  • One of the highest returns as compared to other Craps game
  • The audio of the game is not up to the mark.


The game offers an extremely high RTP of 99%, which ensures a high return in the game. The user interface is neat and easy to understand. Moreover, the virtual table completely looks real and contains only one half of the real table. Overall, you will enjoy the game and will surely get high rewards from the game. The colour theme of the game is also great and pleasing to the eyes. Thus, you will get a real casino like experience as you would get playing Jacks or better.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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