Crazy 7

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There are hundreds of slot machine games on the internet. This allows you to choose based on your expectations, as each game varies in terms of theme and rewards. Some games are reputed for rewards, while others are reputed for offering exciting gameplay. Crazy 7 by Playtech has the most simplistic gameplay on the internet. The game is also known for its high reward system. However, does it really stand up to the expectations? Well, let us discuss the same.

The game

This game is a pure example of simplicity by Playtech. If you are looking for a simple slot machine game, then this might be a great choice. Crazy 7 has a decent theme and minimum buttons to play the game. Thus, if you have got bored with all the sparkling games, then it is time to try classic gameplay.

Crazy 7

Components of the game

The game takes significantly low time to load, as compared to Highway Kings and a majority of slot machine games. This is mainly due to the simple theme, and coding of the game. The slot of the game consists of three reels. Each reel consists of three coloured ‘7’ .i.e. Red, Green, and blue. You will also observe a line going through the middle of the slot. The line indicated the outcome row in the slot game. The background theme is a little funny, as it is a combination of violet and blue colour. You will also observe balls with number ‘7’ on them in the background. Let us talk further about the User Interface of the game. Below, we have mentioned the buttons and options you will find in the game.

  • Info – If you click on this button, then a table will appear on the screen. The table consists of the rewards you will get in the game, as per the outcomes. It is located at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Spin – The biggest button in the game. If you click on this, then the reels start spinning. After clicking, the spin button will immediately change to ‘Stop.’ Though the game offers automatic stopping of the reels.
  • Autoplay – This button allows you to spin the reels multiple times without stopping. This game offers maximum autoplay of 99 times.
  • Turbo Mode – In the majority of slot machines, turbo mode usually refers to more rewards. However, in this game, it means faster spins of the reels. Thus, each spin takes less time.

Rewards and outcomes

When it comes to slot machine games, the rewards matter a lot. In this game, you can easily check the rewards through the info button. The maximum return in the game is 133.33 Euros, whereas, the minimum reward is 5 Euros. The rewards also vary as per the bet you put. You can put a bet between 0.03 Euros to 15 Euros which is a relatively high range compared to the 0.25 Euros to 1.0 Euros offered in the Darts game. You can also easily change the bet amount with the plus and minus buttons.

Irrespective of that, you will find the audio of the game a bit annoying. The game starts with multiple people laughing like maniacs. However, the audio on clicking a button is acceptable and matches the theme of the game. Moreover, the audio of the spinning of the reel is quite similar to kids’ cartoons. Thus, the game will offer you a new experience with simple gameplay.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game offers you great gameplay and decent rewards. Playtech even offers a demo version of the game, which you will easily find on the internet. If you want to play for real, then you must click on ‘Play for real money.’ Keep in mind that the demo version may not offer you high returns, as it is just to introduce you to the User interface.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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