Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra

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If you are an adventurer at heart with a thirsty heart for winning, as well as an Ancient Egypt enthusiast, there is an online slot machine worth trying: Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra. This game is made to make players feel as if they are in for a journey beyond time, to the era of Ancient Egypt where Dave the archaeologist is on his quest to gain knowledge and find riches across the Sahara.

Getting started

The graphics of this game are not as astounding as others might be, but the gameplay itself makes up for this. Still, the top of the screen let through the sight of the desert with yellow dunes resting peacefully onto the horizon. The famous pyramids are there to make the picture full, as well as a small oasis. Here the players can monitor their progress with the help of a schematic pyramid.

Basic rules of the game

Daring Dave and the Eye of the Ra is a 5-reel sloth machine game with three symbols on each reel and 20 pay lines. As usual, to win there are specific combinations and alignments to hit. To adjust the betting settings, use the plus and minus buttons that can be found in the bottom bar.

Autoplay game mode is there to give the users a little thrill and let their winnings literally in the hands of destiny. The winning can be withdrawn using a MasterCard. Sit back and relax while watching the reels spinning and winning. This mode can be switched off easily at any time.

Of course, the game will let the users know detailed information by the click of the Info button at the start.

The Hieroglyphics

The symbols that can be found in this game can be put into two separate categories: the basics and the rare icons.

The basics contain the card symbols from 10 to the Ace. These are the most common appearances, therefore many chances to win with combinations of these; however their prizes are not as rewarding as the ones in the second group.

As for the rare icons, these are:

  • A Beetle, Egyptian symbol of the god Ra
  • A Lion, symbol of both danger and protection
  • Thoth, the god of magic and wisdom
  • Anubis, the god of death and mummification
  • Horus, the god of kingship and the sky
  • Daring Dave – wild card
  • The Eye of Ra – scatter
  • The Pyramid – the bonus symbol

Hope to win long scoring combinations with these symbols, as they bring with them much more valuable rewards. Keep reading to understand what the last three can do.

The bonus rounds

Daring Dave is the most important symbol in the entire game, because it acts as a wild card, therefore replacing any of the basic symbols to help finish combinations.

The Eye of Ra is the amulet that plays the role of the scatter. Land two or more of these amulets and watch the cash go into the gaining.

The Pyramid triggers the bonus round. For this to happen, the players need to hit a pyramid on reel 1 and reel 5. This bonus feature has three levels that bring firstly cash, then multiplier, and finally, the chance to multiply everything by 75.

The levels

While the base game is entertaining enough on itself, it is this bonus round that truly turns everything over and serves as a thrilling gaming experience, making this slot machine worthy of its ‘daring’ name.

Level I: unlock a door by finding three Eye of Ra symbols hidden behind eight stones in total.

Level II: spin the wheel to match the icons outside the wheel to those on it.

Level III: only one chance to choose the right pedestal that reaches the ultimate Eye of Ra.

Do take note of the fact that this game provides no free spins offered, but it is the bonus round that makes up for the lack of non-paying chances. Overall, Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra is truly a fascinating quest through Ancient Egypt and an entertaining treasure hunt. Look at the online bingo tips to get started.

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