Derby Day

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Arcade games are considered the best genre of gaming all over the world. These games offer you a thrilling platform to play. Derby Day by Playtech is one of the finest arcade games on the internet. How? Through this blog, we will answer the same. In short, the game has brought together two different genres of gaming .i.e. Sports and arcade.

Key Points of the game

This is an arcade game based on the theme of horse racing. The gameplay is a lot similar to horse racing in real life. In short, you have to place a bet on one of the horses in the race. Based on the rank of your horse, you will get a reward.

Derby day

User interface and gameplay

  • First of all, the interface of the game is extremely neat just like with Darts, another arcade game by playtech. If you compare this game with others, then it is the finest game on the internet. At the home screen, you will observe three different sections.
  • The first section is located on the left-hand side of the screen. It consists of all the horses in the race, with their name. Moreover, you can also observe points in front of their names. This section gives you quick access to choose the horse on which you want to bet.
  • In the second section, you will see the racing track of the game. Though it is just a picture, it makes it much more attractive.
  • The third section consists of all the options to play the game. The upcoming points will talk specifically about playing the game.
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to bet on a horse. However, Derby Day goes a level further. Let us understand this with an example. Assume, you believe that the third horse will come last. In that case, you can put your money on the same. Therefore, if the third horse comes last, then you win. Isn’t it great? Similarly, you can bet on the ranks of all the horses in the game. You can easily jump to the betting screen by clicking on the ‘Winner’ section in the game. Moreover, you can change the bet amount too in the section.
  • After placing the bets, you just have to click on ‘Race.’ The game screen jumps to the main racing track. The unique part of this game is the 3D interface. The horses in the game are in 3D. Therefore, it makes the race much more exciting. During the race, you will observe a timer at the top, a 2D map of the track, and a table indicating the current rankings. Overall, you get a feel like betting in a real horse racing game.


The game has a wide range of return conditions, which ensures high rewards. Each horse has a different multiplication of the reward. For instance, the third and fifth horses have 5.4x and 5.6x rewards respectively. However, you can place only up to 9 bets in a race.


This game is great for sports lovers, beginners, and professional players. Moreover, if you are looking for a game that keeps you at the edge, then this is a perfect choice. Irrespective of that, the game takes a while to load, as it consists of complex graphics. Overall, you will love the user interface of the game, and this may even become your favourite arcade game on the internet.

The game even has additional features like current weather, the menu for gameplay settings, and many more. And like with Craps and other games by Playtech, there is a demo version of the game, which allows you to test the game before putting real money. To play for real, just click on ‘Play for real money,’ which is located at the bottom of the screen.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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