Dice Twister

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Dice Twister is a classically entertaining gambling game. What makes this game fun-to-play is the uncertainty in rewards along with high returns. Most games fail to deliver such exciting features in the segment.

It gives you the option to earn the highest returns with your betting skills. Also, the rules are quite simple to understand that makes this game, a user-friendly one. Playtech has emphasized on providing a platform to the people who are willingly passionate to test their betting skills. Besides this, the Dice Twister comes along with a thrilling gameplay experience!

Gaming Theme

The gameplay of this game is unique. In this game, you have to bet on the outcomes of three dices. If you bet for the correct outcome, then you will earn rewards. After opening the game, first of all, you will observe the loading screen. It usually takes 5 seconds to load the game­–a sixth of the time taken by Desert Treasure 2 which is impressive. After loading, the screen will jump to the main gameplay screen. You will see three red dices at the center of the screen. In Dice Twister, the dices look realistic even during the toss.

Rules of the game

As mentioned earlier, you have to predict the outcomes of all the dices in the game to win. However, you may even put a bet on one or two of the three dices. Also, you have to place a minimum bet of 10 Euros in the game. You cannot play 10 Euros on a single outcome. For instance, 10 Euros on a ‘3’ is not possible. The game has a maximum limit of 1 Euro on a particular outcome. This game offers you 26 different outcomes to bet on. Therefore, the maximum stake in the game is 26 Euros which is slightly higher than that of Easter Surprise. If you are a beginner, then you would surely love this game.

Dice twister

Rewards and controls

The rewards of the game are completely based on the number you get on the dice. The following is a summary of the rewards in the game.

  • 2x pay- For this, you have to place a bet on a particular number
  • 3x pay- In this case, you need to get two similar numbers on the dice to win
  • 75x pay- You need to place a bet whether all the numbers will either be even or odd in the outcome
  • 15x pay- After placing the bet on a number, you need to get all the three dices possessing the same number as an outcome

Apart from the above-mentioned rewards, this game also offers the highest return of 70x pay. It offers you rewards based on the sum of numbers in the outcome. For this, you need to place a bet on the sum ranging between 4 to 17. Out of them, if the sum of the numbers in outcome in 17, then you will be rewarded with the highest return of 70x.

Here are the basic controls of the game.

To place a bet, you have to hover over blocks. You will observe two buttons: plus, and minus. The minimum bet on a particular number is 0.10 Euros, while the maximum is 1 Euro. Similarly, you can bet on different numbers or outcomes.

  • Spin – After placing the bets, you have to click on this button to toss the dices
  • Clear bets – This button allows you to clear all the bets that you have placed
  • Previous results – Shows you all the previous outcomes and returns

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, the game is surely worth playing, if you are a beginner. The game allows you to gamble with an extremely small amount. The added advantage is that the winning chances in the game are high, as you can even place a bet on all the 26 outcomes.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/dice-twister/cover.jpg

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