Dolphin Cash Slots

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A dive into the deep blue ocean is always exciting because of the huge treasure, fun, and cash rewards for gamers. The dolphin cash slots are perfect for players seeking to explore the ocean beds and return with great riches. This game boasts extras to surprise users and keep them at the seat’s edge as the reel spins. So, let’s see what this game means for any casino enthusiast.

Time to dive deep

Dolphin cash slots feature palm trees, tropical seas, and coral reefs. The transparent reels offer a clear view of the waters, which also serves as the game’s background. The upper part of the screen shows a few tropical islands with a thick cloud over it. 

Overall, the dolphin slot is one of the most beautiful casino games today. Besides other things, this game offers players a true taste of haven. While playing online, this is perhaps the closest you can get to the superb experience of East London Bingos.

Time to go deeper

One of the most unusual things about this game is the customizable functions. In other words, users can set the game to suit their fancy.  

Let’s see what it looks like.

The dolphin cash slots feature five reels that spin to display three symbols at the end of each round. It has thirty pay lines, which offers plenty of winning chances. Players can choose their desired pay line and bet size through the command bar at the screen’s bottom.

Of course, a players’ goal is to align at least three symbols to win a cash reward. So, get ready to hit the spin and win big. Again, gamers can get on with the autoplay mode to spice up their game. Click on it, watch the reel spin, even as the winners get richer. 

dolphin cash slots 

What to expect from the paytable?

The dolphin cash video slot has nine symbols, which can be grouped into two. Meanwhile, let’s see the basic features in the first category:

  • Icons are from cards numbered from ten to the Ace.
  • Fewer designs
  • Modest payout
  • Often appears on the reels
  • Offers greater winning chances

Below are the features of the second group:

  • Symbols have well-detailed design
  • Plenty of coral pieces
  • Two separate seashells
  • A seagull (as the wild symbol)

Other features

Dolphin cash slots have three outstanding symbols on the menu, offering a little more than the normal cash rewards. Gamers can win a cash prize once they hit at least three symbols anywhere on the reel.

But, here comes the dolphin gold coin symbol. This symbol doesn’t need any specific alignment to trigger a win. If at least three of these coins appear anywhere on the slots, players get twelve free spins and 3x multipliers for any subsequent win.

What’s more, there is a wild card symbol that can replace any other symbols for greater winning combinations. But, the essential picture in this dolphin game is the clever sea mammal. Here, the big prize comes when a player aligns them all. Meanwhile, dolphins on slot five can also move to the left to add more bonus points to the adjacent slots.

More Bonuses, More Winning Slots

Another bonus symbol found in this dolphin cash slot is the full moon. Before a player gets the bonuses, this picture should appear at both reels one and five. Again, gamblers can win extra coins by clicking the jump icon to trigger the dolphin to leap into the air.

A rich seabed

Dolphin cash is another video casino game that depicts the ocean world. It’s rich underwater life and structure makes the game a popular choice among new and experienced players. This slot game promises top-notch thrills and winning possibilities for all gamblers. Regardless of your skill level, we believe reading our online bingo tips can help you stand on top of the casinos.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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