Dr. Lovemore

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The standards of slot games have taken a level higher with the arrival of Dr. Lovemore. This enthralling game has been developed specifically for the people who are head over heels in love with the slot machine gameplay.

What makes this game stand apart in the segment is the diversified options of controls and exciting rewards. Also, it comes along with many other additional features that keep you stick to this game. You are going to relish this one even if you are not a professional gamer!

Game Info

The theme of this game revolves around the life of Dr. Lovemore. Everything that you will see in this game is a part of our dear Doctor. The slot machine game has 5 reels like with Football Rules, but has different symbols like Shapane, orange, cherry, perfume, bouquet, and many more.

The game also has a wild card, which looks similar to a number plate of the car. Like all the slot machine games, you have to get a winning combination to earn rewards. This game has 20 different winning combinations, which increases the winning probability.

The game does not consist of any major transition. Still, it takes a while to load. In general, the game takes 15 seconds to load and come to the main gameplay. However, the music during the loading screen is enjoyable.

dr lovemore

Controls of the game

In this game, all the controls are located at the bottom of the screen. The following are the details for the same:

  • The minimum bet per line is 0.1 Euro whereas the maximum is 1 Euro
  • The minimum winning combination is 1 while the maximum lines are 20
  • The cost of the bet depends upon the number of lines
  • It does not have the feature of autoplay

Apart from the above-mentioned controls, this game is full of resourceful options that are easily understandable, even if you are not a professional gamer. It consists of a play table that allows you to check the rewards based on the winning combination. The button of ‘bet per line’ enables you to change the bet per winning combination.

It also comes with a select line control that permits the user to change the number of winning combinations or the line in the slot. By clicking on the ‘bet max’ button, all the amount that you have won will be considered as a bet. There will be an immediate spin after you click the button. This option allows you to risk all and win huge.

The spin button lets you command the machine to spin the reels. Also, you cannot spin the reels as per your wish as it stops automatically. Also, you need to click again and again to continue the gameplay. With the ‘plus and minus’ button, you can change the bet per line in the game.


The minimum bet in this game is 0.1 Euro. However, the maximum bet is 1000 Euros. Therefore, like the European Roulette, this game is perfect for professionals as well as beginners. As per the paytable, the highest reward is when you get five wild cards in a row. If you get that, then the invested amount will be multiplied by 10000. You will also find that the multiplier varies as per the symbols you get in a row. For instance, if you get five bouquets in a row, then the bet will be multiplied by 200x. Similarly, the game offers 60x, 50x, 15x, 10x, 5x, and many more.

Wrap Up

Playtech offers you a demo version of the game. The game consists of all the major features as the real gameplay. However, it does not consist of the ‘Dollar Playtable.’ What is that? Well, it shows you the rewards in Euros or the respective currency of the country. You have to click on ‘Play for real’ to invest real Euros in the game. Overall, the interface, audio, and gameplay of the game are highly engaging.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/dr-lovemore/cover.jpg

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