Easter Surprise

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Playtech is back again with an entertaining game that is sure to mesmerize the gamers who relish spinning games. The Easter Surprise has managed to become one of the favourites slot machine games, the credit goes to its exciting features and gameplay.

This game is loaded with various options and symbols that make it an interesting one to look for. Playtech has focused on providing a user-friendly game interface along with engaging content. It is suitable for professional as well as non-professional gamers.

The Gameplay

First, you will observe the loading screen of the game. Usually, the game takes around 10 seconds to load, and jump to the main gameplay­–this is five seconds less that loading time for Dr. Lovemore and is significant for a slot game. Yes, the loading is quite impressive. However, it could be faster, if you look at the features of the game. Easter Surprise does not consist of any major transition. The following are the main transitions in the game.

  • The spinning of the reels
  • ‘Bonus’ Symbol has a minor transition
  • Symbols, which are part of the winning combination glow
  • The mini-game also has a few transitions

This slot game consists of five reels. Each reel consists of various symbols like letters, eggs with different designs, numbers, and a basket full of eggs known as Bonus. The game consists of a wild card, which is a wrapped present, also known as Easter Surprise. Unlike other games, the wild card in this game only works as a substitute for symbols. The rules of the game are simple. You have to spin the reels and get a winning combination to earn rewards. The game has in total 20 different winning combinations. It is not a simple slot machine game.

In the game, you can change the bet per winning line. The minimum bet in the game is 0.1 Euro, whereas the maximum is 20 Euros which is way too low for fans of the European Roulette and other high stake games.

The mini-game

You get to play the mini-game if you receive a winning combination of the symbol ‘Bonus.’ The mini-game is quite simple. It consists of a bunny holding a basket of eggs. You have to select three eggs out of the basket. Each egg has a different reward. After choosing them, you see the total rewards from all the three eggs, and you go back to the main gameplay. You will also see a little transition when you select an egg from the basket.

easter surprise

Controls and Returns

All the controls of the game are located at the bottom of the screen. The following are the main controls of the game.

There are two plus and minus controllers in the game. The first one allows you to change the number of winning combinations. The second controller enables you to change the bet on the spin. The feature of autoplay allows you to command automatic spins and collection of rewards in the gameplay.

  • The minimum autoplay is 10 spins and the maximum is 99 spins
  • The number of minimum combinations in the game is one
  • You can command the spin of the reels and also stop the slot as well through the spin button
  • The maximum reward of 400x can be earned through a combination of five red eggs
  • The rewards depend upon the combination of the symbols that you get
  • The info button provides a pop-up of all the rewards along with winning combinations in the game
  • You can easily increase the speed of spins with turbo mode

Final Thoughts

Overall, the game offers you a great experience. However, the theme and colour may not be as per your liking. Irrespective of that, you will get high returns in the game. The best part about this game is that it comes with user-friendly features and controls that keep you mingled for longer. You would enjoy this rewarding game even if you are not a fan of betting on the spins.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/easter-surprise/cover.jpg

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