European Roulette

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The standards have risen for gambling games to a great extent with the arrival of European Roulette. This highly exciting betting game has been designed for the casinos and online platforms as well. The best part about this game is that it features an attractive Roulette that makes it stand apart in the segment.

This game is loaded with the finest technologically advanced features that deliver an enthralling experience for the gamers. The graphics of this game provide an unmatched thrill to keep the users engaged for long.

What makes it great?

The first thing you will observe is the low loading time. The game takes approximately 15 seconds to load, though it has numerous transitions. In the loading screen, you can observe the logo of Playtech at the bottom right. After loading the game, the screen jumps to the main gameplay. You will be surprised at first with the quality of details, and graphics of the game. You will find a 3D rotating Roulette at the top, with fine details. The graphics are so good, that you can even observe the shine of the wood in the Roulette. Many times this game is put side by side with the American roulette.

European roulette


The game consists of six different components or sections in total. The following are the fine points for the same.

  • At the left-hand side, you will observe the token through which you place a bet in the game
  • There are six tokens in total in different colours
  • The value of tokens varies from 0.1 Euro to 10 Euros
  • In total five people can play this game together

In the main Roulette, which makes it the main attraction of the game you will find a bar named ‘Table coverage.’ This bar indicates the percentage of the table your bet covers. You can also say it is the winning probability. On the other hand, the previous result bar shows the preceding outcomes of the spin. The best part is they are represented in digital format, which makes it attractive.

The control bar allows you to double the bets, clear the bets, bet, spin, and switch between multiplayer and single player. The game allows you to play with friends. Zoom – This is a close picture of where the ball exactly is right now. Thus, you can clearly read the number on which the ball has landed.

Through the betting table, you can bet on a particular number or a set of numbers easily. The transition is smooth and easy to understand which makes placing a high bet highly easy in this game.

Other features Returns

The game offers high returns, as compared to other games on the internet. You can easily check the paytable by clicking on the bronze sheet at the top left. The game pays as per split, line, street, and many more outcomes. The maximum one time reward of the game is 10,000 Euros.

In addition, the minimum bet in the game is 0.1 Euro, whereas the maximum bet in the game is 1000 Euros. This is way too generous compared to games like Fountain of Youth and others offering a maximum bet of 300 euros. Thus, the game is great for beginners, as well as, professional players.

As a player, you must never bet all the money on a particular outcome. Instead, bet on multiple outcomes, as it will increase the chances of profit.

Audio and Interface

Both of them are of high-quality. You will find the audio realistic and matching the theme of a real European Roulette. The winning audio and the spinning audio are completely pleasing to ears.

Coming to the interface, it is one of the finest one on the internet. The transitions do not lag or feel over-exaggerated. This game will provide you a feeling of playing in a real casino.

Wrapping Up

The game is surely worth playing. The gameplay will get you hooked quickly and allow you to earn huge rewards. Playtech also offers the demo version of the game. The organization, colour selection, and graphics are decent too.

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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