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Football is one of the most played and watched sports in the world. As a football fan, you would surely love to play a football gambling game. Well, Playtech offers you numerous gambling games based on the Football theme. This is a brief guide to Football Fans by Playtech, which is a slot machine game. We will discuss the gameplay, interface, and various other features of the game too.

Gameplay Info

The game loads quickly, and instantly jumps to the main gameplay. Now, there are two versions of the game .i.e. old and new version. In the new version, there is a new feature known as ‘Cold beer.’ We will discuss the features in the upcoming section. The slot machine consists of 5 reels, with symbols like alphabets, football fans, and many more. There are also 20 different winning combinations in the game. One of the most attractive parts of this game is the audio. During the gameplay, there is an audio of fans cheering for their home team.

Features of the game

In this section, we will discuss various features and rewards in the game.

  • First, you get to choose your Football team. In many football games, choosing a team does not lead to much difference. However, in this game, the colour of the symbols changes as per the flag of the football team. For instance, if you choose Argentina, then the colour of the symbols will be white and sky blue. This game allows you to choose from seven different Football teams.
  • The unique part of the game is ‘Cold beer.’ So, what is it? Well, in this you have to predict the place of the Beer. If you predict it correctly, then you win 3x of the bet.
  • You also get to play a mini-game in Football Fans. The game starts when you get a winning combination of the symbol ‘Football Fans.’ In the mini-game, there will be 10 automatic spins, and there are 100% chances to get a reward in each spin. How? Well, in those spins, the symbols are replaced with wild such that you have a winning combination.

Football fans

Gaming controls

The game offers you the following play controls.

  • Info – It leads to pop-up, which consists of all the winning combinations, and rewards in the game. The highest reward in the game is 5000x of the bet.
  • Lines – This allows you to change the number of winning combinations through plus and minus buttons. The maximum and minimum line in the game is 20 and 1 respectively.
  • Line bet – Through the plus and minus button, you can change the bet on each winning combination. The maximum and minimum line bet is 10 and 0.01 Euros which is very generous compared to the limits offered in the Darts
  • Bet max- You can bet all the money and get a chance to earn a huge reward through this button.
  • Autoplay – Offers automatic spin and collection of rewards up to 99 times.

When it comes to betting, the maximum bet in the game is 200 Euros. However, the minimum bet in the game is 0.01 Euros. The game also allows you to change the gameplay settings like volume, fast play, skip the introduction, and many more. All the settings are located at the top right of the screen.

Final glance

Football Fans offer you high returns, as the RTP is 96% similar that offered in Desert Treasure 2. The theme of the game completely matches a real football match. You will also find a few transitions in the game. For instance, you will observe transitions for ‘Cold beer,’ combination of fan symbol, and many more. The user interface is highly responsive and easy to understand. In conclusion, the game is one of the finest football gambling games from Playtech.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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