Football Mania Scratch

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Card Scratch games are one of the most uncertain gambling games. These games are usually found only in online casinos. Football Mania Scratch is one of the few games that has brought card scratch game to a new level. Developed by Playtech, the game offers multiple features. Let us discuss the various feature of the game in detail.

The Card Scratch Game

Similar to the Football Rules, the theme of the game is based on a Football match. The game will start with the loading screen and it takes around 10 seconds to jump to the main gameplay. Throughout the game, you will observe fans cheering as the background sound. This game is highly compact in terms of controls, gameplay, and many more. Therefore, you will observe numerous options in a small area. However, due to this, the game fails to offer some major features.

football mania scratch

Steps to play

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. The computer will shuffle a deck of six cards in total. You have to either scratch each one or all of them at once. Now, the computer will automatically check whether any card from the six matches the card in the prize section. You must know that the card in the prize section shuffles for each turn. If the cards are the same, then you earn rewards. In this game, the reward per card also changes with each turn. Therefore, the game is completely based on your luck, and no strategy will be helpful.

The game also has transitions for the matching cards. For instance, if you get two cards of the ‘goal post,’ then the transition will be a zoom-in look through a camera. Similarly, the game has transitions for players, whistle, goalkeeper, and many more. The transitions look realistic and surely makes the gaming experience great.


Let us discuss various controls the game offers.

  • Card value – This option allows you to change the bet for each turn. This also affects the rewards you get on winning. The least value in this game is 0.5 Euros, whereas, the maximum limit is 10 Euros. As mentioned, betting 10 Euros will give you the highest rewards in the game.
  • Shuffle – It allows you to shuffle the six cards on the table, and the prize card. For each turn, you can shuffle the cards up to three times. The game also contains a unique number for each deck of cards. Thus, ensuring no repetition of cards.
  • Autoplay – It allows you to command automatic scratching and gathering of the rewards. In this game, the maximum autoplay limit is 99 times. However, you will find that changing the number of autoplay is a little annoying.
  • Play/Scratch all – This option shuffles the cards for you. After clicking, the button will change to ‘Scratch all.’ Through this, you can scratch all the cards at the same time. However, you can scratch cards one by one too. Just hover over the card, and click on it.

Is the game for you?

If you are looking for a new type of scratch game, then Football Mania Scratch is surely for you. The game also offers you settings like audio control, intro settings, and many more. However, you will also find a few unnecessary settings in the menu. To change the settings, just click on the icon on the top right. Still, unsure about the game?

In that case, we would recommend you to play the demo version of the game. It will give you a glimpse of the main features of the game. Moreover, you will get to know about the gameplay. You can also jump to the main version of the game by clicking on ‘Play for real money.’ Don’t like the football theme? You could try Lotto madness scratch among the many alternative options.

Provider: playtech
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