Football Rules

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From the invention of slot machine games to the present era, these machines have changed a lot. Initially, these machines had a limited reward system. However, with advancement, these machines have started offering extremely high returns. Football rules is one of the best examples of modern slot machine games. This game has earned a huge reputation on the internet for a great gaming experience. Let us discuss some main features of this game.

Complete analysis

This game offers by far one of the most exciting gameplay on the internet. It also has a high rating on various platforms. The game takes a short duration to load, as it does not consist of any major transition. Moreover, after loading the screen jumps to the main gameplay. This slot machine game consists of 5 reels just like Football Fans but with symbols like referee, football, and T-shirts of different football teams. The gameplay of this game is similar to any other slot machine game. You have to spin the slot and must get a winning combination to earn rewards. This game offers 25 different winning combinations or lines, which is the highest on the internet. Thus, the chances of earning a reward are extremely high.

Rewards & Controls of the game

This game offers different rewards as per the winning combination you get as an outcome. Based on the outcome, the bet is multiplied by a specific number. Let us understand this with an example. Assume, you get five wild cards as an outcome. In that case, the rewards will be 10000 times the bet you placed. This is also the highest return in the game. Similarly, you will get rewards for different symbols.

Football rules

Controls are the main part to play the game. Below, we have mentioned the major controls, which will help you in the gameplay.

  • Info – This feature explains various rules, and rewards of the game. It also consists of the paytable.
  • Line Bet – Through this, you can change the bet per line or winning combination. The minimum line bet is 0.01 Euro, whereas the maximum line bet is 1 Euro. The value of the line bet also changes the amount of total bet on a spin. The game allows you to bet up to 25 Euros.
  • Lines – This feature allows you to increase the number of lines or winning combinations in one spin. As mentioned earlier, there are 25 lines or winning combinations in the game.
  • Autoplay – It leads to automatic spins up to 99 times.
  • Turbo Mode – In this game, this feature increases the speed of the spins.

Extra gameplay

Football Rules also offers you a mini-game. To play the game, you have to get two ‘Bonus’ symbols on the first and fifth reels. You just have to click on ‘Click here to play’ after getting the winning combination to start it. So, what is the gameplay of the mini-game? Well, it is a penalty kick out!

First of all, you have to choose a football from six for the penalty kick. Each ball leads to different rewards. Next comes the part, you have to kick a goal. You will observe arrows on the screen, which indicate the direction of the kick. If you score a goal, then you win rewards. However, it does not stop here. On winning, the game offers 7 free spins, with 10x rewards.

Final points

Overall, the game offers a great gaming experience, and you would surely like the gameplay. It also has an RTP of 97% that is in between that of Desert Treasure 2 and Deuces Wild. Also, the user interface, graphics, and audio of the game are highly enjoyable. You will also not find any issue with the response time of the game.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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