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In September 1996, Frankie Dettori rode all his seven horses to triumph at Ascot. Playtech’s Frankie Fantastic 7 is themed completely on this historical event. This arcade game does not stimulate a virtually animated race; instead, the horses are progressed along the track based on chosen cards. Like Derby Day and other arcade games by Playtech, this is an amazing game.

What makes this game a fascinating one is a theme along with appealing graphics. Also, the interface of the game is easily understandable. That implies that you do not have to be a professional gamer to ace this game. Besides this, the gameplay revolves around the seven horses rode by Frankie Dettori.

The Battle of Seven Horses

As mentioned above, there are seven horses in the game namely Diffident, Loch angel, Fatefully, Decorated Hero, Fujiyama Crest, Mark of Esteem, and Wall Street. In the game, the horses compete with each other for victory.

The horses move in their lanes. Each lane consists of a dissimilar number of steps ranging from 4-6. The horse that manages to reach the finishing step first wins the race. During the gameplay, cards are chosen to move the horse. If the card with the highest ranks wins, then the horse is permitted to take one step forward.

In case there is a draw based on ranks, then the winning card will be decided as per the suit of the cards. The suit reinforces from highest to lowest in the following order; spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

If there are two cards jointly ranking highest as per their suit and rank, then both of the horses will move a step forward. If two horses win together, then the payouts will be distributed equally between the two. Also, if a joker is dealt in place of a horse, then the horse will get excluded from the race. This game uses two decks with each of them containing a joker.

frankie fantastic 7

Rules to Remember

In this game, the players can bet on as many horses as they wish through placing a chip over the betting area next to their respective lane number. The odds are presented on the next side of the lane number. The following are a few important points to win the game.

  • The minimum bet size is $1 and the maximum is $50
  • Horses with four steps provide odds ranging between 2.4-1
  • Horses that need five steps delivers odds of 5.75-1
  • Horses requiring six steps offer odds from 13-1

Apart from the above-mentioned rules, there are two large betting arenas in the game. The top and the bottom three horses are marked as evens. They offer odds ranging from 0.95-1. The bet wins if any of the three covered horses conquer the race. However, the odds in the gameplay can also be exhibited in decimal format through the button placed on the upright corner.

Basic Functions

There are four functional buttons placed at the bottom side of the screen. The ‘clear all bets’ allows the user to withdraw all the bets completed after the last round. By using the ‘clear last bet’ option, a player can withdraw only the last bet among the multiple ones.

The ‘repeat bet’ button automatically directs the wagers as in the final game. Through this, the player can review the wagers and stimulate the game as well. By clicking on the ‘re-bet and race’ button, the previous wager is reiterated and activates the game concurrently. This game also comes with an autoplay feature. With the plus and minus signs in the game, you can customize the number of games that you want to play at one go.

In the End       

If you relish playing arcade games, then this one is worth a try. The engaging gaming interface would keep you stick to this game. The user-friendly integrations along with simple customizations assist the user to win more in the game. Reload your account using the available payment methods and start betting. Besides this, features such as autoplay deserve the brownie points!

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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