French Roulette

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This classic table game, since its arrival, has been one of the cult-favorites in the segment. The credit goes to the entertaining gameplay along with flexibility in terms of table limits and bets. Another added advantage of this game is that it consists of exceptional features that are quite an appeal for the casino enthusiasts.

The French Roulette offers exceptionally brilliant roulette variations that keep the player engaged in the game for longer. Also, this exciting game by Playtech is designed specifically for those players who are zealous for virtual casino games and anyone who may have experienced the American Roulette would want to try this.

Interface and Gameplay

As soon as the game gets started, the betting combinations are displayed in the French language with their respective English correspondent below each word. The gameplay is pretty much similar to that of European Roulette games. Although, there are slight changes in the gaming interface and table limits in the French Roulette.

french roulette

This game delivers the realistic experience of a table game with an impeccable set-up of the table layout. It also provides steady announcements from the dealer regarding the outcomes. Also, the gameplay is not a complex one and that is what makes it more user-friendly.


Graphics is one of the key elements in the games, especially the casino ones. In this game, the quality of graphics is not up to the mark. Also, the color effects are quite basic and plain.

However, despite lacking in terms of 3D animations and graphics, this game still manages to grab the eyeballs of the people. This is because the main focus of this game is exclusively on the gameplay and not the visual effects. It also makes this game comparatively lighter when running in the browser.

Table Limits and Rules

Despite the name of the game being French Roulette, it runs on the playing rules of play as per the European roulette games. There are 37 slots in total in which 36 for the red and black numbers and a single green slot belongs to the zero. The minimum and maximum table limits are 0.50 Euro to 300 Euros respectively.

The table limit options in the gameplay come along with standard payouts for the bets. Also, this game pursues on the rule of La Partage. It implies that the players in the game would lose half of their bets of even-money in case if the ball lands on the zero lanes. The following are the types of bet along with their respective bet limits with gamble payouts.

  • Straight Up Gamble- Bet limit is 0.50 Euro to 50 Euros with bet payout of 35:1
  • Split Wager- Bet limit is 0.50 Euro to 100 Euros with bet payout of 17:1
  • Street Play- Bet limit is 0.50 Euro to 150 Euros with bet payout of 11:1
  • Corner Gamble- Bet limit is 0.50 Euro to 200 Euros with bet payout of 8:1
  • Line Wager- Bet limit is 0.50 Euro to 300 Euros with bet payout of 5:1
  • Columns and Dozens Bet- Bet limit is 2 Euros to 300 Euros with bet payout of 2:1
  • 1-18 or 19/36 Bet- Bet limit is 5 Euros to 300 Euros with bet payout of 1:1
  • Manque/Passe and Red/Black Bet- Bet limit is 5 Euros to 300 Euros with bet payout of 1:1

Likeable Features

This game consists of a ‘turbo mode’ or ‘fast play’ feature that enables the players to skip straight onto the spin result without viewing the spin stimulation of the wheel.

It also has ‘neighbour bets’ through which the players can place the bets on certain numbers located on the wheel that are following each other. By using the option of ‘announce bets’ the player can assess a panel on which the numerous bets in the game are listed.

Ultimate Thoughts

This game is highly recommended for the roulette admirers across the world. Besides this, it can be played by high and low-stake players as well. One of the promising factors of this game is that it offers good variations in terms of roulette. Also, the basic yet interesting design of gamely assures to enhance the gaming experience for all!

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games

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