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Genie’s Hi Lo is an exceptionally entertaining arcade game that tests your luck as the outcomes are quite uncertain in the gameplay. It offers exciting rewards based on a winning combination of strategy and luck. This card prediction game features a user-friendly gaming interface for a convenient playing session.

In this game, a mystical genie pops up, holding a set of cards from the deck of 52 cards. All you have to do is to predict correctly the card which is going to be revealed next. This game is designed for the players who have a fanaticism for gambling games. Also, the engaging gameplay with a great theme is quite an appealing factor for gamble lovers.

Journey to a new world

The theme of this game is quite similar to the story of Aladdin where the main protagonist comes in contact with a Genie. However, instead of wishes, the Genie in the game allows you to earn based on your prediction. Also, you can play this game multiple times as there is no limit for play.

Loading or processing of the game is a significant factor for players. If a game takes too much time to load, then the first impression will be quite bad. Keeping this in mind, Playtech has designed this game for quick loading. Usually, it takes around 5-8 seconds to jump to the main screen which is faster than the time taken by the European Roulette. Another reason behind quick loading is no major transitions in the game.

genies hi lo

Steps to predict the cards

Here are brief steps to play the game and earn rewards.

  • Decide bet on a prediction and confirm
  • Choose one of the cards shown by the Genie
  • Now, predict the next card as compared to the already withdrawn one.
  • Decide whether it will be greater, smaller, red, or black.

Other features of the game

First, the user interface of the game is too simple. You will not find anything new or major transitions in the game. Also, there is no background music during the loading or gameplay. However, you will observe some audio while choosing cards, or winning a prediction. You will observe two options at the top right side of the game. The first one is to change the volume of the game whereas the second one allows you to change the settings of the game. Irrespective of that, you will find some unnecessary settings in the option. For instance, live gameplay, which is not offered by this game.

The game also offers you a unique feature. Assume that you have won the first bet and earned 7 Euros by betting 5 Euros. Now, by clicking on ‘Continue’ you can bet 7 Euros on the next prediction. Similarly, if you win the bet by betting 7 Euros and win 10 Euros, then you can bet 10 Euros on the next prediction. Overall, there is 12 continuation of this streak in the game.

This game has in total five different controls. They are as follows.

  • Plus-minus – Allows you to change the bet.
  • Higher – You are predicting the next card to be higher.
  • Lower – You are predicting the next card to be lower.
  • Red – The next card will be of a red suit.
  • Black – The next card will be of a black suit.


If you are new in the field of gambling games, then this game is a great choice for you. This game allows you to bet a minimum and maximum amount of 0.01 Euros and 5 Euros respectively. A range that is more beginner-friendly compared to that offered by Fountain of Youth. Thus, there are high chances of earning high without investing much in the game.

Final view

Genie’s Hi Lo offers you a massive RTP of 97%. Thus, the winning probability of the game is extremely high. If you follow a good strategy, then you will surely earn a profit. It also offers different returns based on your prediction. For instance, if you get a ‘2’ and you predict that the next card will be lower, then there are chances to earn high in the game.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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