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There are different types of slot machine games in the segment that are designed specifically as per the skills and requirements of different players on the internet. For instance, some players prefer games with high transitions and graphics. On the other hand, some players like simplistic graphics with minimum transition and high rewards. If you are one of the players who like simple graphics and minimum transition, then Gladiator mini is a great game for you.

The remarkable features of mini gambling games are that they are faster to load and have limited controls. This game offers high rewards and is also considered to be a safe and suitable option, specifically for beginners.

The compact version

Playtech has done a great job by making a smaller version of the Gladiator slot game. For those who are unaware, this game has an original version named Gladiator slot game. The original game has a lot of transitions and mini-games. However, this mini version has only the basic features including the theme. The main theme is based on the Gladiator film. Also, this game is great for devices with a small resolution such as lesser PPI smartphones.

Like the original version and the Dr. Lovemore game, Gladiator-mini has five reels with symbols like numbers, alphabets, film characters, and many more. It also has a wild card and a Bonus symbol.

gladiator mini

What is new?

First, you will observe that the game takes an extremely short period to load. In general, it takes around 4-5 seconds. Besides this, there is no introduction screen as it directly jumps to the main gameplay.

The second difference you will observe is that the game has no transitions. The original version has numerous scenes from the film. However, this mini version does not have any video or transition in the gameplay. Irrespective of that, you will find the mini-games just like the original version. This game has two mini-games in it. Both of them are activated by the combination of the wild card and Bonus Symbol.

Thirdly, you will find that the user interface of the game is highly compact. There are limited controls in the game. The following are the main controls of the game.

  • Menu - Consists of the paytable, settings, and help option
  • Lines – Allows you to change the winning combination on a spin
  • Bet per line – This is the bet per winning combination or line in the game
  • Autoplay – Leads to up to 30 automatic spins in the game
  • Login – You can create an account on Playtech and save the progress

However, Playtech has removed a few features from the game as compared to the original version. For instance, the game does not allow you to change the winning combinations by clicking on the numbers located at the side of the gameplay.

Are the winning chances high?

Many people believe that mini-games offer fewer rewards as compared to the original version. However, that does not apply to this game. The reward system for this game remains the same as the original version. It offers 25 winning combinations or lines on the slot. Moreover, you get to win rewards in the mini-game. The game allows you to bet from 0.01 Euros to 2500 Euros which is higher than the limits imposed in the Hot Gems game. Thus, it is a great game for both beginners and professional players.

At the bottom right of the screen, you can also observe the total amount of cash you have in reserve. This helps you to keep an eye on the budget in the long run.


Just like the original version of the game, this mini-game has an RTP of 94%. Hence, you will earn a decent amount of rewards in the game within a short period. Overall, the game offers you a great experience with low investment. It has decent graphics along with a user-friendly interface. Also, you will not observe any lagging. If you are a frequent traveller, then this game is a great choice for devices with less resolution.

Provider: playtech
Category: Mini Games

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