Gladiator Scratch 

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With time, the list of gambling games has radically changed. In the past, the majority of gambling games included poker and slot machine games. However, in the modern era, new gambling games have attracted players all over the world. These games allow players to test their luck and experience something new. Gladiator Scratch is one of the modern era games that has gained a lot of reputation on the internet.

The card scratch game

This is another instalment in the Gladiator series by Playtech. The theme of the game is based on the Gladiator film. Thus, all the components of the game resemble the scenes or characters from the film. Playtech has done a great job at coding, as the game takes very little time to load. Usually, the screen will jump to the main gameplay after 3-5 seconds which is way too fast compared to loading time for Gladiator. Now, you will observe three different sections in total on the screen.  They are as follows.

  • Paytable – consists of the rewards in the game
  • Controls – Allows you to control the gameplay
  • Cards section – All the scratch cards are located here

So, what is the main objective of the game? In simple language, the gameplay is a combination of a slot machine and card scratch. The computer will shuffle a deck of 9 cards on the screen. Now after scratching them all, if you get similar symbol horizontally or vertically, then you earn rewards. The game has symbols from the film like the characters, a warrior’s helmet, and many more. You need to know that the game does not offer a lot of rewards on combination other than a straight line. Thus, if you get identical symbols diagonally, then there will be no rewards by the system.

Unlike Gladiator Mini which has two mini games, this version does not have any mini games. Hence, if you are expecting something new, then this game is not for you. Why? Well, the game lacks in innovation, as there are numerous games with similar gameplay.

gladiator scratch

Steps to Play

Gladiator Scratch offers extremely easy gameplay, as compared to other card scratch game. Below, we have mentioned the main controls of the game step by step.

  • Card bet – First, you need to decide the bet you want to put on a deck.
  • Bet – Shows you the final bet you are putting on the deck.
  • Autoplay – Do you want to play multiple times or only one time?
  • Scratch/ Scratch all – Either click on cards one by one or click on ‘Scratch all’ to reveal all the cards.
  • The system will automatically collect the reward and will show in the ‘Win’ section.


In this game, you can bet up to 100 Euros on a card. This game is a great choice for professional players. Moreover, the game has seven different rewards or pay lines. The maximum reward in the game is 5000 times the bet or 37,000 Euros. Irrespective of that, the game offers rewards as 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, and 100x.

Overall view

In conclusion, the game has neat graphics, decent audio, and a compact user interface. However, the game is not for players who are looking for new features. Playtech has skilfully combined the theme of Gladiator film along with a card scratch game. You will not find any major issue with the game, except limited rewards or winning combinations. Playtech also offers a demo version of the game. However, it is a little challenging to find the demo version on the internet. Want to play for real? It is simple, click on ‘Play for real money’ to jump to the main version of Gladiator scratch. The game also offers a decent RTP of 94%.

Provider: playtech
Category: Scratch cards

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