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This slot machine game by Playtech is completely inspired by the film Gladiator. The theme of this game revolves around fighting scenes and politics complemented by a great storyline. If you have enjoyed the film, then this game would keep you glued to the screen.

The most promising aspect of this game is that it offers a fair chance to win higher payouts. It consists of thrilling and rewarding features along with admirable visual effects and a wonderful soundtrack. This game is surely going to be an eye-soothing treat for the fans of the Gladiator film.

The slot machine game

This is one of the few games that take a while to load. Why? Well, it is because the game has numerous videos and transitions in it. Generally, it would take around 20 seconds to load which is considerably high but way less that time taken by Desert Treasure 2. However, those 20 seconds are truly worth it when it comes to the gameplay. The reels in this game consist of symbols like alphabets, numbers, and characters from the movie. The following are the noteworthy factors of this game:

  • This slot machine game has 5 reels
  • There are mainly two special symbols i.e. ‘Bonus,’ and ‘Wild card’
  • Bonus symbol – 3 bonus symbols lead to a mini-game that offers high rewards
  • Wild card- Works as a substitute and leads to another mini-game
  • The minimum bet in the game is 0.01 Euro whereas the maximum bet in the game is 25 Euros

Usually, a five-reel slot game like Beach Life consists of 20 pay lines or winning combinations. However, this game offers you 25 different lines or winning combinations. Thus, the game offers one of the highest winning probabilities in the segment. Based on the number of lines, the number of total bet changes. You can easily change the total bet through the ‘line,’ and ‘Bet per line’ controls.

The game also has ‘Autoplay’ and ‘Turbo mode’ in it. What is their function? Well, the autoplay feature allows you to sit back and enjoy automatic spins and collection of rewards. The game offers autoplay up to 99 times. However, the turbo mode increases the speed of overall gameplay.


Mini gameplay

In total, the game offers you two different mini-games. The first one is activated when you get a wild card on the 2nd,3rd, and 4th reels. Instantly, a scene from the film will play and the screen will change eventually. In this mini-game, the rewards are completely based on your luck. The computer will automatically randomize 9 different warrior helmets. Each helmet offers you different rewards. After the collection of total rewards, another scene from the film will be played.

The second mini-game allows you to earn rewards based on your decisions. To play this game, you have to get three ‘Bonus’ symbols on the reels. This mini-game is also known as the ‘Colosseum bonus’. This game takes you to the weapon room in The Colosseum. Instantly after that, 20 stones of equal size appear on the screen. The objective of the game is to pick three stones out of them.

Each stone has a different reward. After picking the stones, again a scene from the film will be played. This is the beginning of the free spin feature in the game which is a part of the mini-game. You will observe the change in the theme of the slot machine and will get free spins based on the outcomes of the stones. You will also get a reward multiplier for the free spins in the game.

Final thoughts

Gladiator slot game has a decent RTP of 94% which is not the highest in the segment but it is quite considerable. Coming onto the gameplay, the videos and transitions are smooth and satisfactory. The overall gaming interface is also engaging and provides an enthralling experience for the aficionados of slot machine games.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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