Goblins Cave

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The field of gambling has changed by a huge margin. Initially, games were available only in offline casinos. However, due to advancement in technology, now these games are even available on the internet. Moreover, they can be played anywhere. One of the best examples of this advancement is Slot machine games. Goblins Cave is one of the few games that can be played from anywhere and on any device.

The cave tour

This slot machine game is based on the theme of a Goblin cave with a huge treasure. The basic aim is to get winning combinations on the reel to earn rewards. This game has three reels in total, with symbols like Lamp, cupcake, and many more. You may think that the gameplay is similar to any other three-reel slot games. However, it has unique gameplay, which makes it one of the finest games.

How? Well, the game allows you to hold a particular reel on a spin. Let us understand this with an example. First of all, you must know that the slot has been designed as 3x3. Thus, there are 9 outcomes in total. On the first spin, you will only see three outcomes, which are on the bottom of the slot or in the third row. Now, the game allows you to hold a reel vertically by clicking on the ‘Hold’ button respectively. Let us assume that you hold the second reel vertically. In that case, you will see the remaining two symbols in the reel. Moreover, you get another spin. If the next spin leads to a winning combination with the existing symbol, then you earn rewards.

goblins cave

Commands in the game

  • Plus-minus – Through this, you can change the bet on a spin.
  • Paytable – Located beside plus-minus leads to the guide of rewards in the game.
  • Hold – There are three hold commands in the game, located vertically below the reels.


The game has a decent amount of transitions as compared to the majority of slot games. Due to this, you will observe that the game takes a while to load. So, what is the major transition in the game? Well, it is the Goblin themselves. You will observe a Goblin spin the slot each time you command. Moreover, you will also observe a few transitions in the paytable section.

Irrespective of these points, the graphics of the game are not the tidiest. You will observe some irregularities in the graphics. However, these demerits do not affect the gameplay.

How much can you bet?

This is a great game for beginners, as the minimum bet in the game is 0.01 Euros and the maximum bet limit is 25 Euros– a few dollars above  that of Easter Surprise. The total amount of bet also depends on the number of lines or winning combinations in a spin. So, what are the rewards in the game? Well, the game offers the highest rewards of 150 times the bet. While the other rewards vary as per the symbol combination you get as an outcome. You can check all the rewards in the game by clicking on ‘Paytable.’

Winding it up

Goblins Cave offers the highest RTP of 99.3% on the internet and followed closely by Deuces Wild with 98%. Thus, it is one of the top slot games with high returns. So, keeping all points in mind, the game is worth playing? Well, if you are a beginner, then this game perfect for you. You will like the unique features of the gameplay, as you will get high returns too. However, if you are looking for great graphics, then this is not the perfect game for you. The graphics in the game are not the best in the segment. Apart from that, you will also not find any major audio or background music in the game. 

Provider: playtech
Category: Table games
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/goblins-cave/cover.jpg

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