Goddess of Life

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Mother Nature has provided us millions of resources. Due to this, all living beings have been able to survive and evolve for thousands of years. As a tribute to Mother Nature, Goddess of Life has been developed by Playtech. If you are looking for a game with a theme based on nature, then this is a perfect choice. However, we all know that the theme of the game is not enough to count it as a good game. Hence, let us go through various other features of the game.

The slot gameplay

As mentioned earlier, the theme of this slot machine game is based on Nature. The slot has 5 reels like football rules but with symbols like fire, water, earth element, and many more. The game has also ‘Bonus’ and ‘Wild card’ as symbols. The wild card only works as a substitute for other symbols in the game. However, a winning combination of Bonus symbol leads to a mini-game. The gameplay of the game is similar to any other slot machine. Thus, Playtech has significantly failed in terms of innovation with this game. Due to this, if you are a professional slot machine player, then this game is surely not for you. However, as a beginner, the gameplay is perfect for you.

The game has 20 pay lines in total, which is a decent number as compared to other games. Moreover, the game has the following controls for the gameplay.

  • Info – Explains the rewards and play lines in the game
  • Auto Start – Similar to Autoplay in other games
  • Lines – You can change the winning combinations through this control
  • Bet Max – Through this, you can put all the money on a spin and the maximum limit is 200 Euros which is way higher than stipulated in games like Frankie Dettori Magic 7.

godddess of life

On a winning combination, you will also observe transitions in the game. For instance, if you get a winning combination of the fire element, then you will observe a rotating diamond on fire. Similarly, you will observe other transitions in the game. However, the game does not offer any video in the gameplay. When it comes to the audio system, the background music is pleasing. Besides this, you can also control the audio of the game through the settings located at the top right.

Looking for a game in which you can invest fewer amounts? Well, the minimum bet limit in this game is 0.01 Euros. Thus, you get a chance to earn a huge amount without investing much.

Additional rewards

This is probably the unique feature of the game. In this game, you will find a mini-game that offers you additional rewards to expect the one you get in the slot. How is it activated? Well, the game gets activated when you get ‘Bonus’ on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel. Now, you may wonder what the mini-game consists of. To be precise, the mini-game shows you 15 gems of different shapes and colours on the screen. You have to choose three out of them. Apart from this, each gem selected by you has different rewards with it. Irrespective of that, the amount of rewards from the gems depends on the bet you place on the spin.

Concluding remark

Overall, Goddess of Life will offer you decent gameplay and rewards, like a slot machine game. It has an RTP of 95% and rating more than four out of five on various platforms. Want to give it a try? We would recommend you to play the demo version of the game. You can easily find it on the internet. However, if you want to invest real money, then click on ‘Play for real’ located at the bottom.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/goddess-of-life/cover.jpg

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