Gold Rally

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There is a treasure somewhere in the mountains. Let us go and find it! Would it be not an exciting and fun adventure? Well, Gold Rally gives you a similar experience. Developed by Playtech, this game is one of the finest video slot games on the internet. Also, the game still stands among the best slot games even after more than 5 years. Well, it is due to the features and returns to the game.

The mining experience

The theme of the game starts with three explorers trying to find the treasure somewhere in the mountains. Initially, you will observe that the game takes little time to load. Well, it is because the game has no major transitions. Besides this, after loading, the game jumps to the main gameplay. The screen is divided into two sections. The first section on the left consists of the slot machine of the game with three reels. The second section on the right consists of a picture of the three explorers in a cart, and statistics of the gameplay.

Even the user interface of the game matches the theme of explorers in the mountains. How? For instance, the slot in the game has a wooden border. Apart from this, you will find the background to be a picture of the caves. The slot in Gold Rally consists of three reels with eight winning combinations or lines. The reels have symbols like cart, hammer, gun, and many more, which makes the mining experience realistic. You will find it easy to play if you already have experienced games like Goblins Cave.

You will also be surprised to know that the game offers huge rewards in a particular cycle. As per the latest statistics, a player won approximately 4 million USD from the game. Hence, there are high chances that you might hit a jackpot in this game.

gold rally

Explored treasure

Here are the various rewards you will get in the game.

  • A winning combination of the Dynamite symbol gives 10x of the bet
  • A combination of a sack of gold gives 30x of the bet
  • Got the gun symbol commination? You will get 50x of the bet
  • The symbol ‘GR’ gives the highest reward of 500x of the bet

Similarly, you will get numerous rewards in the game based on the combination you get. For instance, if you get a combination of two horseshoes, then you will earn 2 times the bet. However, if you get five horseshoe combination, then you will win 200 times of the bet.

The game allows you to bet up to 16 Euros on a spin. You will find that the graphics of the game are decent, as the spin of the slot looks realistic. The audio quality of the game is also remarkable. The background, and gameplay music together offer you a great mining experience.

This game also has a bonus round, which offers you additional rewards on a spin. Irrespective of these points, the game fails to offer a new feature as compared to modern games. Thus, if you played one of the modern slot games on the internet, then you may find this game a little boring.

The final point of view

The game has an RTP of 95%, which puts it in the same league with Goddess of Life and Funky Monkey. However, we would recommend you to play the demo version first. It will help you decide whether the game stands up to your expectations or not. You can easily find the demo version on the internet on various platforms. You must also keep an eye on the budget. As mentioned, the reward cycle repeats after a few days. Thus, playing the game continuously for a few days will surely lead to a Jackpot.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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