Haunted House

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Within a decade, gaming has become an extremely huge industry. This is specifically due to the huge influence of the internet all over the world. Due to the internet, genres like horror, action, and many more have a huge fan base. Haunted House is one of the few horror gambling games on the internet. Despite the unique theme, the game has gained a good reputation all over the internet. Let us discuss the main features of the game in detail.

The goosebumps gameplay

This game has one of the fastest loadings in the segment of slot machine games. It usually takes around 5 seconds to jump to the main gameplay. As far as loading time is concerned, it compares with big names like Golden Tour and Dice Twister. This slot machine game offers you three reels in total. Apart from this, the reel consists of symbols like a dagger, candle, coffin, and many more. Irrespective of that, the reels do not consist of any wild card or bonus symbol. Hence, you will not get any high returns to the game in a short duration. You will also not find any major transitions or additional gameplay in the game. From the first look, you will find that the game does not have neat graphics. You will observe irregularities in the user interface, which may affect your gaming experience.

The game also fails to offer you huge rewards in terms of the slot. Why? Well, it is because the slot has only five winning combinations or lines. You can see the pay lines of the main gameplay screen.  The most annoying part of Haunted House by Playtech is the audio. Overall, the complete audio system is annoying. It decreases the overall gaming experience. Thus, we would recommend you to play the game with the audio muted. You may wonder what are the rewards in the game. Let us discuss the same in the upcoming sections.

Haunted house


You will get the following rewards in the game as per the winning combinations.

  • 1800 times of the bet
  • 1600 times of the bet
  • 1400 times of the bet
  • 1200 times of the bet
  • 1000 times of the bet
  • 300 times of the bet
  • 200 times of the bet
  • 100 times of the bet
  • 75 times of the bet

Controls in the game

Here are the main controls in the game. We have mentioned them as per the requirement in the gameplay.

  • Info- Contains all the rewards you get in the game as per the winning combinations or outcomes
  • Lines per bet – Allows you to change the total bet as per the total number of lines, the minimum and maximum limits are 0.01 Euros, and 10 Euros respectively
  • Turbo mode – Choose whether you want the spins to be faster than normal or not
  • Autoplay – This control allows you to sit back, and enjoy the gameplay by leading to automatic spins and collections of rewards in the game
  • Spin – It allows you to start the spin of the slot machine

You will not find any other controls in the game except the aforementioned ones. Keep in mind, that you make a strategy before putting the bet on a spin.

Summarizing the game

In conclusion, the game offers you an average experience. It has an RTP of 95%, which is surely not the highest in the segment. Also, the graphics and audio of the game could have been a lot better. However, Playtech has considerably failed in terms of innovation and quality with this game.

Irrespective of that, this game is a great choice for a short duration. You will like the reward system and the well-organized interface of the game. The controls are highly responsive, and there is no lagging in the game. However, the game does not show you the total amount in the account or with the cashier.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/haunted-house/cover.jpg

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