Holdem Showdown

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Hold’em Showdown is the hottest arcade game from one of the leading software developers, Playtech. It is a popular game since it is mostly used in online poker tournaments. However, unlike other poker variants, this only contains two people the player and the dealer. What makes this game even more enchanting are the 8 odds displayed. This shows the player the effect that may result if they pick a certain hand.

Holdem Showdown

Hold’em Showdown Gameplay

It is worth mentioning that this is a simple poker game that can be played by all kinds of players, even beginners. The settings on Hold’em Showdown are easy to use and are all set at the bottom of the cards.

Use Turbo Bet if you want to increase the speed of the card shuffle. Just like the 8 Ball Slots game, you need to select your bet denominations first. This can be done through the (+) and (-) signs. The latter is for reducing the amount while the plus is for increasing it. Once your bet is ready, you can go on and press the deal.

Other buttons you need to familiarize yourself with are the Bank All and Bank Half, which are only available whenever you land wins. If you select Bank All, then it means you are adding all your wins to your total amount. The same applies to Bank Half when you will be adding half of it. These options save your winnings, which might be drained from your winnings tab if you lose.

The table has the dealer and four players. Remember that you will be the one playing these players. The dealer will then have two hands and the other two cards will be dealt for the four places. In short, there are eight cards displayed in the bottom part, and this is where you need to concentrate on. You can predict who has the highest hand value between the opponent or the dealer. And if your guess is true, you win, if wrong, you lose.

At the top and bottom of these cards are payouts values, which you might win if your prediction is correct. Playing with these amounts can be rewarding but treacherous as well. Note that these are provided to help you guess the likelihood of the results. So you should pick them wisely as your choice might have a great impact on your total amount. Besides, you might end up losing all your wins in one wrong choice.

If you find the cards dealt not worthwhile, you can Shuffle them. This will change the cards dealt for the players as well as the payouts. The dealer’s cards will be retained. Shuffling is available only three times, after which the player has to accept the third shuffling result.


Keep in mind that the payouts are determined by the risk involved. If you are a beginner or a conservative player, the best idea is to choose options that have lower payouts. This tends to succeed more than those of high payouts just like a casino game like Beach Life.

Once you have chosen your cards, those of the opponents will be removed. Those facing down will be revealed and are compared to those you chose. The flop is dealt first, then the turn, and the river at last. The latter takes some time to allow the excitement to build up, but remember you can fasten things by using the Turbo mode.


The computer software determines the results, so you should be aware that the payouts are honest and fair. Besides, you can always start another game by placing a new bet if your first prediction was wrong. You can always play Hold’em Showdown demo version for free and practice the poker game before trying it for real cash.

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