Hot Gems

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Slot machines are one of the oldest parts of gambling. They are fun to use and offer great rewards. Playtech has taken the slot machines to another level. The ‘Hot Gems’ game by the platform is one of the finest gambling games on the internet. How? Well, in this blog, we will dive deep into the world of ‘Hot Gems’ by Playtech. Fasten your seat belts, because things are going to be extremely fast and fiery.

Hot Gems

All features of the game

When you first open the game, you see a large variety of sparkling colours. Moreover, almost everything is on fire. The game starts and you see 5 reels, with a few buttons and sections below it. The sections include a spin button, bid adjustment, and many more. You may wonder how the game is different from the others in terms of looks. Well, the UI is extremely easy to understand and allows you to quickly jump into the gameplay.


When it comes to gambling, keeping an eye on your budget is important. The game allows a minimum bet of 0.10 Euros, whereas, the maximum bid of 1000 Euros. Moreover, you can easily adjust the price by the plus and minus buttons below the reels. Thus, you can earn a huge amount without investing much.


The rules of a game, define the chances of winning. In Hot Gems, the rules are designed to earn more within a short duration. Each reel has 3 different coloured seven, gold bars, Dollar sign, horseshoe, and many more. More importantly, it has a wild, which upgrades all the 7’s such that you earn more. How? Well, let’s say that you get wild after rolling and you see different coloured seven on the screen. In that case, the wild will convert all the seven on the screen to the same colour. Thus, the chances of getting a winning combination increases. Now, what are the winning combinations in the game? The game offers 5 different winning combinations, which include a hexagon, horizontal lock, and so on. You can easily go through the rules by clicking on the ‘Info’ button.

Winning chances and unique features

The wide variety of symbols on the reel offers a great winning probability. The game also provides you with a multiplier, which increases your total score. The amount of score multiplication completely depends on the combination of symbols. Let us understand this by an example. Assume, you get three ‘BAR’ as per the rules of combination. In that case, the total score will be multiplied by 5. This is also the lowest score multiplication in the game.

On the other hand, assume, you get 5 wild symbols, as per the combination rule. In this case, the score will be multiplied by 2500, which is the highest score multiplication in the game.

The game also offers you a unique feature, which is known as ‘Hi Roller.’ How does it work? Well, in simple terms, this option leads to five automatic spins. In each spin, a wild symbol will surely come on either 3rd or 2nd, 3rd, 5th reel. Moreover, if the wild appears on the third reel, then your total bet will be multiplied by 10. However, in case of appearance on the second or fifth reel, the bid will be multiplied by 20.

Lastly, it even has an ‘autoplay’ feature, which leads to automatic continuous spins. You can ‘autoplay’ up to 99 times.


The Playtech’s Hot Gems offers you an extremely great experience. The UI makes it fun to play. Moreover, the RTP of the game is 96.05%, which assures you great returns. The free-trial consists of 7 spins, after which, you can start investing real money.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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