Ice Hockey

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The theme of the 8 ball slots game is the most important factor, which makes it attractive and fun to play. In the present market, you will find a wide variety of slot machine themes. However, only a few are worth trying and fun to play. In this blog, we will discuss ‘Ice Hockey’ by Playtech. This game, like the popular American roulette, is highly reputed for its great theme selection, high returns, and exciting gameplay. We will also discuss the features that make this game better than other slot machine games on the internet.

Features of the game

In this section, we will discuss various unique features of this game. Moreover, we will discuss the rules and winning probability in the game.

Maiden look

The first thing that you will observe in this game is catchy music. It will just get into your head and you will enjoy it with the theme. The next thing that you will observe is the perfect UI, which matches a game of ‘Ice hockey’. You instantly feel the cool environment of the game. Moreover, you can observe animated ice hockey players on the home screen, which makes it more attractive. Overall, the first impression of the game is highly appealing.

Ice Hockey

Gameplay and other features

As soon as the game starts, you see a loading screen. After that, the game allows you to choose seven different teams as your team and the rival’s team. Some of them are USA, Finland, and Germany. Here, you must know that the payroll moves from left to right. Therefore, from your team to the rival’s team. After selecting the teams and continuing, the main home screen of the slot game appears. Moreover, it has a piece of cheering music attached to it. Below, we have shared some other features of this game in detail.

User’s interface

At first, you may find the user interface to be challenging using. However, after a few spins, you will get comfortable with it. The interface consists of a slot of 5 reels in the middle and options/buttons at the bottom of the screen. The whole interface has been inspired by the coolness of an ice hockey game. Each reel consists of players of respective teams, some alphabets, and numerous. Moreover, it has a wild, which looks similar to the goal post in an ice hockey game. The wild substitutes majority of the symbols, such that your winning chances increase significantly.


When it comes to controls, there are a handful of options you get in this game. Firstly, you get an ‘info’ button, which allows you to go through all the rules of the game. It also offers an ‘autoplay’ button, and a button, which allows you to control the winning combinations. Unfortunately, the game does not allow you to invest a large amount. However, due to this, it is a great game, which does not affect your budget. The maximum bid is 0.15 Euros, whereas, the minimum bid is 0.1 Euros.

Winning probability

The game offers you high winning chances, as it has 15 different winning combinations or lines. Moreover, the low amount of peak bid reduces the overall loss in the game. Thus, in the end, you will surely get a return from this game. Moreover, in the paid version, you get to payroll from both lefts to right and right to left. Read these online bingo tips to increase your chances.


In conclusion, this is one of the finest slot machine games. It offers 12 free games in the beginning, which allows you to test the game from every angle. Moreover, it has a minimum multiplication factor of 5 and a maximum multiplication factor of 10,000. Therefore, you will get high returns from this game just after a few spins.

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Provider: playtech
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