Irish luck scratch

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Are you willing to test your luck? Maybe you want thrilling games like Aces and Faces, is that right? Well, the Irish luck scratch is as much fun too but you will never know until you give it a shot. Card scratch games are one of the most exciting gambling games in the market. These games are completely based on your luck. One of these games is ‘Irish luck scratch’ by Playtech. This game has been on the internet for a long duration. However, the excitement of this game has never reduced. In this blog, we will discuss this card scratching game. We will share the rules of the game and whether it is worth playing or not. Also, we will compare the game will other card scratch games in terms of UI and other features.

Irish luck scratch

A glance and other important features

The game does not take long to load, due to its small size. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a long time on the loading screen. Now, after the game loads, you see an extremely simple and sleek User Interface. We will discuss more that in the upcoming sections. Overall, the first impression of the game will be fine. However, do not expect high graphics from the game, as it is more than five years of software.


The gameplay is extremely simple and does not consist of any complex rules. Thus, you will be able to understand the gameplay within a few seconds. The game consists of a few pots full of gold coins on the home screen. The first step is to place a bet on the game. Bet on what exactly? Well, the game aims to find an animated character, who is hidden in one of the pots. If you guess the correct pot, then you will win the bid. However, if you fail to identify the correct pot, in that case, you lose the bid. This keeps on repeating until you want. You can play the game for a few minutes, or a few hours, as it is completely up to you.

Bidding and interface

Budget is an important factor, while gambling. Moreover, everyone wants to earn huge from a small investment. The Irish luck scratch gives you the exact opportunity. It allows you to bid a minimum amount of 0.2 Euros, whereas, the maximum bid in the game is 100 Euros. You can easily control the amount of bidding by the plus and minus buttons at the bottom.

Let’s discuss the interface of the game. It has three sections i.e. bet, card price, and win. Each of them makes it extremely easy for you to play the game and manage the finances. Irrespective of these, you may find the background sound a bit annoying, but it is negligible compared to the winning price. Moreover, the game does not consist of an ‘info’ button, which could describe the rules of the game. However, after reading this blog, you won’t need them.

Winning chances

The game offers you a huge return in terms of winning bets. The minimum winning bet gives you a multiplication by 5, whereas, the maximum winning bet can give you up to 1000 Euros. Thus, returns of the game are extremely high, which reduces the chances of loss. The Irish luck scratch, like Keno and many other casino games, has a demo mode where you play without paying to evaluate the features of the game. 


In conclusion, this game will offer you a great gambling experience, with minimum investment. Moreover, the game is extremely easy to play as compared to other card scratching games. However, the game has a few disadvantages like low graphics, poor background music, but they can be ignored if you look at the returns of the game. Also, the game allows you to control your bet on a card, which enables you to manage the finances without much trouble.

Provider: playtech
Category: Scratch cards

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