Jacks or better

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Poker is one of the most reputed gambling games all over the world. There is a huge chunk of poker lovers. Some play this game for fun, while others play this game to earn. However, with the ‘Jacks or better’ game by Playtech, you can do both things. In this blog, we will discuss this unique version of poker on the internet. We will share everything related to the game from the perspective of a beginner. Moreover, we will assess whether the game offers you high returns or not.

Jacks or better


This game is one of the few pokers, which offers high-quality graphics. It comes in the category of video-poker. What does it mean? Well, it means that you will be able to see 3D effects in this game. The background music is great and the overall theme is attractive, which increases the poker experience. However, the game can take up to a minute to load.


Though the gameplay is quite similar to traditional poker. However, Playtech has added a few twists and rules, which makes it better than traditional poker. In Jacks or better, the minimum bet can be 0.5 Euros, whereas, the maximum bet can be 10 Euros. Thus, the game is great for beginners or individuals with a short budget. It also has a plus and minus button, which allows you to control the amount of bet easily. Therefore, you can manage finances without much effort. The main objective of this game is to have a hand of minimum pair of jacks. Many Jacks or better players also like to play the popular Heads or tails game which you can also read about.


Jacks or better offers you a huge amount of returns on winning. The maximum wager of this game is 25 Euros, which is low as compared to majority Poker games. Moreover, let’s assume that you win a game. In that case, there are chances of winning up to 20,000 Euros. Also, a player can walk away with reward by betting on a single hand of cards. Like the 2 way royal, Jacks or better has a demo version available for all interested users. By playing the demo game, you will be able to determine the number of returns in this game. Moreover, in the case of a royal flush, you will get 4000 coins.

Rules and twists

These rules and twists are the main reason why this game is a lot different from traditional poker. Below, we have mentioned some rules in the game. 

The game allows you to take big risks. There are instances, where you may want to put all of your money on the table. In that case, you can opt to risk all or half of the total amount. This makes the game extremely challenging and breathtaking. Moreover, risking all can lead to a double reward in case of a win.

You can also decide to risk half of the total amount. In this condition, the reward will be less, but it is a safe choice. 

It is also extremely easy to collect the gambled money, as you just have to click on ‘collect now.’ Thus, the payout process is simple.


This game offers you a high RTP of 97.3%. Therefore, the overall returns from this game will be extremely high. Moreover, the chances of loss in this game are almost 2%. It has one of the finest graphics if we compare it with other poker games on the internet. Moreover, the background music completely matches the gameplay and improves your overall mood, while playing. The home screen also consists of all the winning rewards you may get in the game. The buttons look highly realistic, even when you are clicking on them. In conclusion, this game is highly recommended if you are looking for a better version of poker.

Provider: playtech
Category: Video Poker
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