Joker poker

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A simple yet great poker game that can offer you a wonderful gambling experience. As the name says the basic theme of the game revolves around joker. However, the colors are bright and comfortable on the screen. Usually, people think that the rules of a poker game are the same. Well, it is partially true, but this is one of the few games, which has modified rules. These rules make the Joker poker much more interesting than a traditional poker game. In this blog, we will discuss specifically this game. We will try to conclude whether the game is worth playing/investing or not. Let’s start without further delay.

Joker Poker

First look and other features

When you open the game, the first thing you observe is that it takes time to load. Usually, it takes around 30 seconds to load. Do make sure that your browser has Adobe Flash installed, as the game will not work without it. One great point of this game is that after loading it jumps to the main gameplay screen. Thus, you don’t have to spend them in the introductions.


The gameplay is extremely simple, as compared to the majority of the poker games. The computer will shuffle a deck of 52 cards and give you 5 cards out of it. Now, the basic aim of this game is to get at a minimum hand of Jack. The player, who gets first wins the game.

Rules of the game

Like the Highway Kings, this game has some interesting rules which make it unique and enjoyable. Let us discuss them one by one.

The first rule is ‘Double.’ As the name says, this allows the player to risk all the cash on the table. If the player wins, then he wins twice the normal reward. For instance, you have 100 Euros in the store and you decided to use this rule. In that case, the 100 Euros will be put on stake. Assume that the normal winning prize is 3x100. Thus, if the player wins, then he gets three times the bet. However, if he loses, then there will a 100 Euros loss. Sound risky, right? Because of that, the game has one more feature.

The second rule is ‘half double.’ This allows the player to bet half of the amount in the store. Yes, this rule has less amount of risk and a decent amount of rewards. Its button is just beside the first rule.

Some royal players of Joker poker argue that the Heads or Tails game is easier to play but all this is a personal view that may be different for you.

User interface

The User Interface of Joker poker is neat and extremely easy to understand. Even if you are a beginner, then you won’t face any problem in understanding the rules. This is the reason why the game does not have any ‘info’ button on the screen. Now, the interface consists of the main screen area, where the cards are distributed and the rewards are mentions. Below that area, there are a few buttons, which allow you to play the game and manage your money. It has buttons like ‘Bet max,’ ‘Deal’, and many more. Overall, there isn’t a single negative point related to the UI of the game. Thus, you will be able to easily play the game. Irrespective of that, you can also hold the cards by clicking on them. 


In conclusion, this game is surely worth playing. If you are a beginner, then you would just love it. Moreover, the game consists of a table of rewards, will contain all the possible rewards from the game. The highest reward of the game is known is ‘Natural Royal Rush.’ Overall, the graphics, and sound of the game are wonderful. You will also get high returns from the game in a short duration. You can also control the amount of bid by the plus and minus button.

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