Jungle Boogie

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Are you new in the field of gambling online? Well, a beginner faces a lot of issues in this field. The most common issue is finding the right game to invest in. As a beginner, you must never invest in complex games, as they can lead to a loss in the long run. Jungle Boogie by Playtech is one of the best gambling games for beginners in the market. It belongs to the same league with the likes of Ice Hockey and King Kong which are popular among many players. The game is extremely compact and does not consist of complex rules. Moreover, due to the small size, the winning chances are high. In this blog, we will discuss almost everything about this game, which will make the gameplay easy for you. Moreover, it will help you decide whether to invest in it or not.

Jungle Boogie

Maiden look and basic features

This game is one of the smallest slot games in terms of size. Due to this, the loading time will be extremely short. At max, it will take 5 seconds to load the game. After loading, the screen quickly jumps to the main gameplay screen. Therefore, you can start playing the game just after opening it. The theme of the game is based on forest, with wild animals. At a glance, you can say that the graphics of the game are moderate. Thus, they are not the best graphics game on the internet.


Due to the compact coding, the gameplay is easy to understand and fun. The slot consists of three reels, and each reel has wild animals as symbols. The basic aim of this game is to have three similar animals horizontally on the slot. Yes, there is only one winning combination, which can be a disadvantage for some players. Thus, you must not choose this game, if you are looking for a slot machine game with multiple winning combinations.

Bets and rules

Jungle Boogie allows you to put the minimum bet of 0.03 Euros, whereas, the maximum bet in the game is 15 Euros. Therefore, as a beginner, there are no chances of loss in the game. You can easily control the amount of bet by the plus and minus buttons. If we talk about the rules, then they vary as per the type of combination you get in the slot. For instance, three tigers in a row can give you a massive 4000 times the bet reward. This is also the highest reward in the game. Moreover, the minimum reward in the game is twice the original bet.

User interface

The UI of the game is extremely easy to play. It has two sections, which show the bet amount and the amount you won. Moreover, there are buttons to control the bet on the spin. It also has buttons like spin, bet max, and bet one. At the bottom right of the game, you can also see the Standard time of your country. If you are playing the demo version, then you will find a button at the bottom as ‘play for real money.’ You can click on that to jump to the paid version of the game.


In conclusion, Jungle Boogie is a great slot machine game for beginners. It requires an extremely low amount of investment and can offer you high returns within a short duration. The UI of the game is clean and easy to use. However, if we talk about the graphics, then they could be better. Moreover, the background sound is fine and matches the theme. Yes, it has only one winning combination, which is horizontally similar to animals. However, if luck favors you, then you can earn a huge amount of rewards from this game. Lastly, the most special part of this game is the quick loading and compact size.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines
Cover: https://cdn.vegasgod.com/playtech/jungle-boogie/cover.jpg

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