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In the present era, Keno is one of the games that you will find in every casino, including online platforms. The game is a combination of strategy and luck, which makes it unique. ‘Keno’ by Playtech is a highly reputed online arcade game among the majority of online gamblers. In this blog, we will try to discuss every feature of the game. Moreover, we will assess whether the game is worth investing in or not.


You must have seen the ball lottery once in your life or at least you have played a game like alien hunter. It consists of a container, which is full of numbered balls. The container is rolled, and a ball is withdrawn from it. The person with the same number ticket as the ball withdrawn wins the lottery. The basic concept of a Keno game is also similar. However, you can follow a few strategies on the online platform to win the game.


How to play?

The game consists of a table, with numbers from 1 to 80. The game aims to determine the upcoming ten numbers from the lottery. Let us understand that by an example. Suppose, you choose 2, 6, 28, 43, and so on as the ten numbers, a lottery will be withdrawn. The computer will take out ten numbers. If the numbers match your prediction, you win the lottery. The winning price is given as one correct, two correct, so on till all ten numbers match.

How much can you bet and win?

The range of the bidding in a game, tells you whether it will be a great choice or not. Some players like to invest less and get returns accordingly, whereas, some like to risk a high amount and get a huge return. This game offers you a minimum bet of 0.2 Euros, whereas, the maximum bet in the game is 5 Euros. Therefore, the game may not be great for high-risk players. However, the game is great for beginners and small budget players.

When it comes to returns, players always get attracted to better returns. This game offers you a return as per the number of correct guesses in the game. For instance, the game offers you 10000 x returns on guessing all the 10 numbers correctly.

Is it easy to play?

Have you played heads or tails yet? If so, you understand how easy some of these games can be. First of all, there are not any complex rules in Keno, which is usually the main reason for making the game typical. The rules are simple and clear. Moreover, after reading this blog, you will not face any issue with the gameplay. The user interface of the game is neat and easy to understand. It consists of a few buttons like bet controlling options, Play one, and clear.

Moreover, the game has a unique feature of playing five times continuously. What does it mean? One game means a lottery of 10 numbers. Five games mean a lottery of 50 numbers. Therefore, you get a total amount of the five games together. The buttons look realistic, which increases the gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Keno game is extremely easy to play and offers high returns. Most gambling games are completely based on your luck. However, this game stands out, as you can build a strategy to increase your winning chances. The lottery system is completely fair and it ensures that you get rewards after playing the game.

Moreover, it has a sleek design, which makes it comfortable to play. The UI matches the theme of the game and consists of realistic buttons. Also, the sound of the game is great and improves the overall gaming mood. The game offers you one of the highest returns. If you guess all the numbers correctly, then you can win up to 50,000 Euros.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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