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Released on 15 December 2016 by Playtech, King Kong Scratch takes you deep into the woods where the mighty gorilla lies. This 8th Wonder of the World scratch card title is a game based on the most beloved film that was first released in 2005.

King Kong scratch game is rather unique from the rest of its kind. It does not feature the usual 3x3 grid that contains nine squares to win. The game has a 2x3 grid with 6 squares. Your main objective in the game is to match the prize symbol with those on the grid and end up receiving the prize. So you can go on ahead and play with the hopes of receiving the highest payout you can cash out from William Hill Bingo.

King kong scratch

How to Play?

Scratch cards were and are always the simplest games in the history of casinos. King Kong Scratch as well is a simplistic title but with great graphics.

To begin playing, then you need to select a card value. This is provided as the last option on the bottom left side of the screen. The least card value you can select is £0.50 while the maximum is £10.

Keep in mind that whichever value you select will affect the highest possible win. For instance, if you are playing at £0.50, then your probable payout will be £5k. If you bet with the maximum bet of £10, then you can win up to £100k. So, the higher your bet value, the better the payout. It should be noted that playing with the minimum bet results to regular but small winnings. Maximum stakes lead to rare but bigger prizes.

Before the game begins, you can shuffle the cards just to be sure. Shuffling can be done only three times. This is an ideal option for those who feel the set cards are not the lucky ones but want another chance of playing.

Once you have jumbled up the cards, you can scratch them to reveal the symbols behind them. You can scratch one grid at a time or all of them at once using the “Scratch All” option. This will automatically expose all hidden symbols including the prize.

The main aim in this King Kong Scratch title is to match the prize symbol with any one of the six grids on the card.

Autoplay Option

Scratching one card at a time in a single play can be exhausting. Luckily, there is an Autoplay button for anyone who wants to save themselves from aching hands and fingers. The maximum number of times you can automatically play ranges from 2 to 99. If you match an icon with that of the prize, then it will be added mechanically on your total amount and before the next game starts.

Symbols and Theme

Everything you will meet in King Kong Scratch is familiar if you have ever watched the film. It includes dinosaurs’ symbols like T-rex and characters like Ann Darrow, Carl Denham, Jack Driscoll, and Lumpy. These characters appear just like they do in the film. King Kong is standing ferociously on the left side of the screen with his mouth open wide while exposing his teeth. This creates even stimulating gaming experience. Note that these symbols are not valued at a certain amount, and they can all appear as the prize.

Closing Thoughts

King Kong Scratch was specifically made for those players who love playing scratch cards. There is also a slot game based on this movie and it is from Playtech too. So you can choose to play King Kong slot or scratch online for free or for real money.

Provider: playtech
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