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‘King Kong’ by Playtech is one of the most exciting games on the internet. This game is reputed for a wide variety of graphics, great sound, and wonderful gameplay. Want to know more about the game? Well, it is always great to go through the reviews of the game. In this blog, we will share every detail of the ‘King Kong’ game by Playtech. Before, that you must also know that the game is also known as ‘Kong: The 8th wonder of the world.’

Overall experience   

From the first look, you can assess that the game will offer you an exciting environment. The audio is extremely adventurous and the graphics are almost perfect.


The slot consists of 5 reels. If you have played games like a night out, then you must know the importance of symbols on the reel. Moreover, the type of symbol on the reel determines the majority experience. The symbols on the reel are characters from the movie, Alphabets and King Kong as wild. The gameplay is simple, spin the slot, and expect a winning combination. Moreover, it has mini-games, which others do not offer.

King Kong

The first mini-game is known as ‘Skull Island Bonus.’ If you get this on the reel, then you jump straight to the mini-game. It starts with a small introduction with a picture, related to the story in the movie. Now, a new screen appears, where you are in the forest. You have to click and match animals in the games. Also, you get rewards as per the number of matches you get in the game. Moreover, after the completion of the game, the theme of the slot machine changes.

On the other hand, you can get ‘City Tower Bonus.’ It again starts with a small introduction, which is related to the movie. In this, you play as ‘King Kong.’ The aim is to take down the planes from the tower. For taking down each plane, you get a reward. Moreover, if you get 5 of a kind, then you hit a jackpot of 2000 Euros. You may also want to read about the alien hunter if you enjoy thrilling games.

What are the returns in the game?

The returns to the game depend on various factors. First of all, it depends on your bet. The minimum bet in the game is 0.01 Euros, whereas, the maximum bet in the game is 20 Euros. It has 20 winning combinations, which offers you a high winning probability. Moreover, the mini-games offer you high returns. It also has various additional features, which increase the returns. The most rewarding is the combination of wild symbols. If you get five wild in the same spin, then three of the reels are disabled for a while.

Thus, the winning combination is decided based on the symbols in the remaining two reels. Therefore, the overall percentage of winning increases significantly. Also, the buttons of the game make the game highly easy to understand. However, you can also go through the rules of the game through the ‘info’ button. Thus, the game will offer you great returns within a few spins.


In conclusion, the game offers you the finest slot machine experience. It is full of fun, as it consists of two mini-games. Moreover, the graphics and the sound are top-notch, when compared to other slot machine games on the internet. The game also consists of realistic buttons, which are easy to understand. The rewards of the game are one of the highest as compared to other games. It also consists of two different themes of the slot, which makes it unique. Due to the bet range, this game can be played by beginners, as well as players willing to take higher risks. Lastly, the game also has two short picture stories, as an introduction.

Provider: playtech
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