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Do you love playing scratch cards? What about lotto? Then imagine a game that combines the two, it is total madness! This is exactly what Playtech has done to the Lotto Madness scratch game. Three cards are present on the screen and the player can pick any one of them. Each of these cards contains 9 numbers in a 3x3 grid. Your main objective is to march at least five numbers to win.

There are those lotto fans who like to watch the numbers being drawn on TV, but if you like a little excitement, then you can try out the Lotto Madness scratch card game. It can provide fun over and over again as you get to be the winner occasionally. Watch the numbers drop and if they match with your selected ones, you will be the winner!

Graphics and Design

Some of us go for a game for its winnings while others choose a title because of its great graphics and theme. Well, if you are one of those who want to add a splash of bright colours on your screen, then Lotto Madness is the right for you. If you do not like such vibrant colours, you can check out 8 Ball Slots.

This title encompasses bright colours with a cartoon theme. The dollar signs and the golden coins will build up the adrenaline. It will be fun to watch the ball drop as you wait to see if you are lucky. Besides, Lotto Madness is an exceptional scratch card, which is likely to build more excitement than its counterparts are.

Lotto madness scratch

Lotto Madness Gameplay

A first glance at Lotto Madness and you will assume that is one of the hardest games. However, this is not true. You need to understand that this game was created distinctively and is one of the simplest titles from Playtech.

To begin with, the game includes three lotto cards. Choose one, two, or three cards to play with. Note that if you do not pick a card, then the software will pick the middle one automatically. Each of the three cards contains a 3 by 3 grid and nine numbers. After this, select your bet amount, which can be in the range of 0.01 and 100.

Once your bet is set, press the PLAY button to begin the game. Five balls with numbers will be drawn and displayed at the tube on top of the screen. Bear in mind that Lotto Madness uses and RNG software and the numbers are automatically chosen by the machine between numbers 1 to 49.

The next step is to reveal the numbers on your card. You can do so manually or using the Scratch All Option. Scratch all the parts to expose the hidden numbers. If any of those numbers on your card matches the ones on the balls, then you win the amount displayed at the bottom of those digits. Note that you do not have to match all the numbers in the tube to those on the cards.

Special Features

There are two special features in Lotto Madness – the wheel of fortune and cash symbol. The latter can appear randomly on the card and award automatically.

The Wheel of Fortune, on the other hand, will activate a bonus feature when it appears on the card. This wheel will then cover the card and you can start spinning. Stop the rotating wheel and you will be awarded the amount the arrow points at. You can win a multiplier of up to 10,000 times your card value.


Lotto Madness scratch is a sensational and unique card game from Playtech. It will give you the experience of the two most beloved games while resulting in a massive win. You can also try out 30 Ball Bingo for an inimitable fun.

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