Marilyn Monroe

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When you hear the name Marilyn Monroe, what comes to your mind? Of course, it’s the Hollywood icon. Most have heard of this name, but many of them do not know about her. She passed on in 1962, but the legend still lives on to date. This game is made to immortalize her.

This is a slot machine with 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The bonuses for this are huge and can be triggered without restrictions. It is available in many online casinos, and in most of these casinos, a player can play without restrictions. 

Special symbols

As in any online bingo such as Iceland bingo, the winning that a player gets is largely dependent on the symbols that line up in the pay line. There are certain symbols in this machine that a player should be aware of.

The symbol with the highest reward is the portrait of the icon on a glistening wall. This symbol has the potential to double the stake five times. Also, the symbols play as a wild and replace all the symbols in combinations. But it does not replace the bonus symbol. If it’s in combination with the other pictures, the portrait increases the multiplier of the pictures.

The scatter is the other symbol that is precious. It assumes the form of a logo and has the name of the game. Five scatters have the potential to multiply the stake 500X.

marilyn monroe

Backstage bonus

This is the best bonus and involves a trip backstage to Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room. A Player gets these bonuses if they can get a minimum of three special scatter symbols.

They get a free spin which implies that they can play without having to wager. The bonus starts with free spins which have the potential to double the wager amount. Five portraits of the actress then appear on the screen. During the bonus section, there is a chance of getting 35 additional free spins if again, three or more scatters appear during this session. This does not limit the number of spins that a player can win.

How to play?

In order to win you have to know the best way to play. Here we are not listing the strategy to play, but we are providing a guideline for playing, especially someone that has no experience.

It has a higher payout potential as the return to player (RTP) indicated that players could earn up to 94.1 units out of 100. Having a basic knowledge of how the game is played can go a long way in boosting the players' winning.

First, a player has to start by setting the bet size and then spin the reels. That is the major goal of playing the game. The player wins if identical symbols appear on the reels. The more the number of identical reels, the higher the reward. Marilyn Monroe has 20 pay lines. The pay lines have to be activated to win. There is a high chance of winning a big reward if the maximum pay lines are activated.

Before starting with setting a bet or playing, acquit yourself with the interface. Get to know the main control buttons. The game allows for a minimum bet of 0.01 units and a maximum bet of 1000 units. The 1000 units are achieved if the player activates all the pay lines and stakes 50 units.

Want to get started? As a word of caution, note that the Marilyn Monroe has high volatility. Before going to pay bingo with visa or other payment methods, note that it can take a long time before getting a larger win. Therefore, have a sound strategy that takes into account the amount in your pocket.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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