Party Line

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Balloons, juice glasses, saxophones, party hats, let us start the party. Based on the theme of the party, Playtech's Party line is heaven for slots lovers. The immense love for classic slots in casinos can be seen by the number of fans.  The popularity of the classic slots with the combination of the online platform has made fans crazy.

From one-handed bandits to one-click online classic slots the party line has discovered a new love for the slots' lover. Ease of playing has gained a significant number of players for the party line.

How to play?

As soon as you open the game window you can see the combinations and winnings from them. Before starting the game, you need to select the coin size by click on the +/- button on the left side of the interface below the reels. You can choose a maximum from a range of $0.05 to $5. After choosing coin size click on bet one which determines the number of coins you are playing for the particular spin. You can bet maximum by clicking the bet max button which will use 3 coins at one time. Maximizing your bet can enhance the chances of winning a higher number of coins. Once the selection of coin size and the bet is done click on the spin button and wait for your lucky results.

If you stick to the basic rules you can surely earn the jackpot of 4000 by hitting the 3 coins of party hats. Collection of 3 coins of saxophone or piano or the radio can pay you 1500, 750, and 300 respectively. The combination of different colours of drinks pays you 15 to 180 coins. For 1 coin per bet, winnings are from 5 to 1200 coins. For 2 coins per bet, winnings are from 10 to 2400 coins.  The maximum winning can be attained by using all the 3 coins. The maximum coins earned for 3 coins’ bet are from 15-4000 coins.

Party line 

Graphical interface

The graphical representation of the game is very simple though mesmerizing. With the theme of a party and soothing party music, it is a combination of joy and excitement for slots lovers.  The presentation includes classic slots with the theme based on fruits. Simple though classy approach by the developers makes it a place to spend more time for the fans. Like in Haunted House, 3 reels and a play line with lots of party items will be seen on the interface. The interface is easy to understand and makes it more user-friendly.

Game description

The interface and game rules are easily understandable. All you need to play this game is to stick to these basic descriptions of the game.

  • Number reels in the party line is 3
  • There is 1 play line to determine the combinations
  • Minimum coins you can bet is 1
  • Maximum coins you can bet is 3
  • You can opt for $0.01 as your minimum coin size
  • You can opt for 0.05 as your maximum coin size
  • The maximum winning or the Jackpot amount is 4000
  • The RTP for the party line slots is 96% which compares to that of Golden Games.

Wind up

Playtech’s party line is the most liked and played game by the casino lovers. Inspired by the party theme it is a joy to play. The party line significantly made a special space in the world of casinos. From a one-arm bandit to classy online interface classic, slots have seen a lot of changes in recent years. To the very extent, Playtech has met the needs of the online casino lovers. You are just a click away to start your favourite slots and experience the overloaded excitement.

Provider: playtech
Category: Slot Machines

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