Penalty Shootout

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The penalty is probably one of the most exciting, and breath holding moments of a football game. It can change the direction of the whole game or decide the outcome of the game. As a football fan, you would surely like to kick a penalty in a football game. Penalty Shootout is based on the same theme. This game is one of the finest football gambling games on the internet. Moreover, it allows you to earn rewards with a strategy.

Thrilling gameplay

Just like a real football game, the basic aim of this game is to shoot a penalty. The game takes a decent period to load, which is acceptable after looking at the transitions, and graphics. After loading, the screen will jump to the main gameplay. You will observe a goalkeeper securing the post, and a football ready for a Penalty shootout. Besides, you will observe a loud cheering sound of the fans in the background, which will increase the gaming experience. However, you will not see any transitions at the beginning of the game. Playtech could have added transitions for the audience, or different weather conditions. However, irrespective of these points, Playtech has done a great job. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the steps to play the game in detail. You may want to look at Football Mania Scratch or Football Fans if you are excited about the football theme.

Penalty shootout

Steps to play

Here are the steps to play the game.

  • First of all, you need to choose the bet on a kick, the minimum bet on a kick is 0.10 Euros, whereas the maximum bet of the game is 100 Euros
  • The next step is to choose the direction of the kick, the game allows you to kick the ball in five different directions and you may follow a strategy or choose it randomly
  • Now you have to click on ‘Kick,’ and the player will kick the ball in the direction specified by you, you get a reward for kicking a goal
  • However, if the keeper saves the kick, then you lose the placed bet

These steps repeat and the gameplay continues. There is no limit on the number of times you can place a bet.

Other features

First of all, the game offers a decent amount of transitions. You will find transitions for the kick, the goalkeeper, and many more. The game offers rewards as follows, per bet.

  • 12 times the bet
  • 5 times the bet
  • Three times the bet

The game also shows you the outcomes of each kick in the history sections. The history section has no limit. Hence, you can check the outcome of more than 10 kicks.

Irrespective of that, we observe a few disadvantages in the game, which are mentioned below.

  • It is extremely challenging to goal in the game
  • The difficulty level of the computer is quite high, as the keeper will save almost every kick
  • It does not offer any jackpot or bonus round
  • The game does not offer a gameplay setting, which is probably the biggest demerit of this game.

Overall view

In the end, the game offers decent gameplay, as compared to the majority of football games. You will surely like the game for a long duration. However, if you are expecting to earn a huge amount, then this game is not for you. Why? Well, as mentioned earlier, the difficulty level of the computer is quite high and unlike Football Rules, beginners may have a hard time making a profit.

Irrespective of that, you get to keep an eye on the budget, as the game shows you the total balance amount. Moreover, the transitions in the game are smooth, and you won’t observe any lag. Lastly, this game can be played on any device irrespective of the screen resolution.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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