Perfect Blackjack

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Perfect blackjack is one of the most played casino games around the world. The popularity of perfect blackjack and bonuses/rewards offered by the game has made a special place in fan's hearts. The perfect blackjack is a variation of the game of 21.

This is a game of mind and luck altogether. The variation provided by the game has given extra benefits to the fans. The offers and ease of playing have increased the fan following over the recent years.  


Perfect blackjack is a 21st-century casino game which is also known as Vegas-style casino. This is more likely a casino banking game that is played all across the globe. This game is played between two or more players and the opponent is the dealer, each player finishes his chance against the dealer. Perfect blackjack is played with six decks and generally follows the Vegas casino rules for playing. 

This variant of the game offers side betting on over five hands and offers a return of 3:2 which is much higher than other games. One of the benefits of playing this game online is that the players can set the bets according to their feasibility. This helps the players to directly increase their online balance. The game also allows playing over five hands at a time so that the players can make multiple profits. 

perfect blackjack


Playtech’s perfect blackjack is an online platform for enthusiast fans and online casino lovers. As the game begins you need to bet on your hand and wait for the dealer to display the cards. Once the dealer will start opening the card you need to wait and see the results. The dealer will declare the winner.  

The aim is to score higher hands than the dealer without crossing the score of 21. Once you cross 21, you lose the bet and by default, the dealer becomes the winner. Blackjack gives you multiple ways of betting. You can bet on your hand as well as side betting is also allowed, i.e. you can bet on 5 other hands also and increase your chances of winning and enhancing your casino wallet money.


Before you start making your winning strategy about the game, you have to understand some basic rules and ethics about the game that are mentioned below. These will not only enhance your knowledge but also help earn a huge profit in the game. You can also read some Online Bingo Tips to get a better chance at it.

  • The target is to defeat the dealer without crossing the number 21
  • Each player starts the game by having two cards
  • The term hit means asking for another card and stand means, to sum up, or do the total and end the turn
  • If your total goes over 21, you lose the game and the dealer wins
  • If you won, it means you got the blackjack or twenty-one, the profit ratio will be 1/5th of the bet money
  • The dealer will continuously hit as he has a total of 17 or more
  • Doubling means increasing the bet and you get more cards to play
  • You can increase the hands if you are confident about your game and want to make more profit

Unlike blackjack variants like Blackjack Scratch and Blackjack Surrender, these rules are somewhat strict. However, you still have the chance to rake in big profits if you are keen.

Final thoughts

With the new variants of the game of 21, Playtech has taken the game to a different level. Its users have been increased in recent years due to the effortlessness of playing and exciting offers showcased during the gameplay. Playtech’s perfect blackjack offers side betting which is the most prominent feature. Additional betting will help the user to enhance their chance of winning higher rewards. Last but not the least the amount of return is too high which gives an edge to the players.

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