Pinball Roulette

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Big buttons, bright colours and exciting features, roulette, and most loved pinball. Playtech’s approach to making a unique combination of roulette and pinball is a treat for roulette lovers. The fusion of roulette with your favourite pinball makes this game a hot favourite.

With a classy interface and high return to players (RTP), pinball roulette takes the excitement of the players to a higher extent.  An exciting variation of pinball along with roulette, this game provides a much-loved platform to the fans.   

Playing the game

As soon as the game starts, you will see a betting table going in the right direction of the screen, and the whole pinball machine will move towards the left side. Once the chips are placed you can place your bet and along with this, you can bet on the rolling ball also. The spring-loaded ball is then thrown at the pinball machine and remaining comes in the pocket.

You can also place multiple bets at the same time, just look at the stake bet carefully and before betting check the total value of your bet. Then click the bet button and launch the game screen. And then watch as the ball bounces and at the field before landing in your pocket, it will announce that you have won the match or not.

Rules of the game

The game follows the rule of the traditional European roulette. As soon as the game starts, the betting table on the right of the screen with a pinball machine on the left of the screen come in to view. Chips are displayed on the screen and you can bet on the table. There are no such rules or strategies specified for the game.

All you need to do is bet on your lucky number, hit the start button, and wait for your luck to favour you. If you have a winning bet then you can gamble in the bonus round where you can win 10 times more on your present bet.

Pinball Roulette

User Interface

With a fusion of roulette and pinball, the interface seems quite fascinating. It is simple and easy to understand for users. If you are a first-time user, roulette pinball is a place worth playing and spending time.  Once you enter the game, a traditional style roulette table is seen and once you are done with your betting the screen will turn to your favourite pinball interface. Big buttons, colourful interface, and ease of playing make the game joyful and full of excitement.

Winnings and bonus 

The game offers higher bonuses, impressive RTP's, and gamble round. You should always play it with a calm and focused mind so that you can have significant profit. Here is a look at what all you can achieve by playing the game.

  • If the ball lands in the winning number, you are awarded a gamble round.
  • Gamble round allows you to win 10 times more amount of the original bet money.
  • RTP for pinball roulette is 97.30% which compares well with that of Goblins Cave.
  • Some numbers will allow you to bet up to 100$, while some enable you to bet till 2000$.

Final verdict

The combination of pinball and much-loved roulette, pinball roulette is a virtual platform worth spending your time. Enjoy the thrills of pinball and roulette with exciting cash altogether. With an impressive return on every bet and exciting cash rewards, it is time to say bye to traditional roulette and join the pinball roulette. Higher winnings and exciting bonuses can increase your chances of winning 10 times extra cash. Just do not stop yourself from experiencing the thrills and joy of pinball roulette. 

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade

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