Pink Panther Scratch Cards

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Remember the days of the iconic Pink Panther series playing on TV? The franchise of the comedy-mystery films will remain an iconic part of many people’s childhood. Take a trip down memory lane through the Pink Panther scratch cards game and win some money while you are at it too. This game was released in 2012 and is still set out for success with a moody colour palette of blues and pinks, and graphics that match the old cartoon version of the show. It is ideal for newcomers into the world of gambling and veterans as well.

Get started

The Pink Panther will welcome the players though it does not rank among the established casino games like the wink bingo while holding the cards that are yet to be scratched. Click on the card to get started. There will be all kinds of interesting symbols and characters to align and win cash with. Here is what one might encounter while scratching:


  • Pink Panther, the prankster of the show
  • Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, the incompetent detective
  • The big-nosed Little Man

Hope to encounter the characters in sets of three, as they are the ones to bring in big cash, unlike the symbols which are very common and not rewarding at all.


  • A bomb
  • A magnifying glass – iconic for detectives
  • A bucket full of paint – remember that Pink Panther always tried to pain Little Man’s nose?
  • A safe – hopefully full of money
  • Footprints

How to play?

Pink Panther scratch cards game is perfect when you want to sit back from the complicated mind games of the gambling world like the Iceland bingo and relax with some big prizes.

The players are welcomed by a 9 scratch card grid. The aim of the game is pretty simple: match 3 Pink Panthers, Inspector Clouseau's, or Little Men to instantly win cash.

Set the betting options easily by using the plus and minus symbols. When the players are feeling lucky, they might even try the autoplay game mode, where they pretty much let destiny take hold of the cards and win for them while they relax and watch the earnings come in. This feature can be easily switched off when the user wants to take his luck back into his own hands.

The game offers some ways to win free scratch cards. On the top right of the grid, there is a button that might reward up to three free cards. These will play automatically and give the chance to win other additional tickets.

Besides the free rounds, there is a special feature that will win an eight times multiplier on the total bet. This is how it works: with each scratch card played, the player gets the letter ‘’P’’, ‘’I’’, ‘’N’’ or ‘’K’’. Succeed in gathering all these letters to spell out the word ‘’PINK’’ and win the multiplier as explained.

The game also provides these instructions in the beginning, so worry not about looking over or forgetting any of the explanations that are given in this article. 

The Ultimate Prize

Get three matching Panther icons to hit the ‘jackpot’ and win a 15,000 multiplier on the total bet. This is where the Inspector and Little Man icons also payout if they appear – it’s hard to say what are the chances of them appearing at the same time as three matching Pink Panther cards.

Three Inspector Jacques Clouseau symbols will reward 9 times the total bet and three the Little Man symbols will pay out 4 times the total bet.

There is also a mobile version of this game, a nice alternative, but the online one is more comprehensive and includes all the entertaining distinct features that we have already mentioned.

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