Pop Bingo

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The Pop Bingo offers easy gameplay and higher rewards which makes it more valuable and a worthy one in the segment. This exciting game by Playtech is designed especially for the fanatical gamers who relish playing online casino games themed on bingo.

This online casino game, based on the bingo theme, has given a good platform to the bingo lovers who want to take a break from their work. This game offers more payouts that result in lesser chances of losing. Due to this reason, bingo has always enjoyed a massive fan following amongst the casino lovers. The exciting features along with engaging gameplay make this one, a great recreational game.

How to play the game?

Playing Pop Bingo is very easy and joyful. You can play this game for fun as well as winning real cash. As soon as you start the game, select a card by clicking the new card button.

You will get a card of 15 digits on the left-hand side of the screen. On the right-hand side, 90 covered pops are unveiled during the gameplay. All you need to do is hope that your card present on the left-hand side gets completed as early as possible when the pops start unveiling.

Gaming interface

The interface of the game is very simple yet engaging. You just need to sit and watch the flow of the game. The game itself will uncover the pops and cut the numbers from your card. Besides this, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for the newbies to understand the game. Although with some difference, the interface compares well with that of Jackpot Pontoon.


The game is very easy to play but you need to have some basic understanding of the rules to get high payouts.

  • You can bet on the card list
  • The card list with 15 numbers ranging from 0-90 will be assigned at the start
  • You can change the card until you are satisfied with the card selection
  • From the right side, pop numbers will start unveiling
  • If pop matches your card list number then a number from the card list will be dropped
  • If all number from card list gets vanished before or on 40th pop you will get 10000 times your stakes
  • If the pop exceeds 88 marks you will receive no winnings


The payouts are assured on the following number mentioned pops 40, 45, 50, 57, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 82, 84, 86, 88, 90. As mentioned the payouts depend on the size of the bet as well as on the number of pops. Your bet size may vary from 0.05 and bingo in 40 pops which gives you 1,000. Similarly, if it is 100 and bingo in 40 pops then you can make 1 million. Keep in mind you must bet as much as you can to win heavy payouts.

How to win real cash?

You can now win real cash in pop bingo without any deposits also. You can get a chance to double your payouts very easily. If you are playing real cash games and not winning unexpected gifts then you may find it a little boring. Play this game online by following the rules and you can also win spectacular prizes.

You can play bingo without depositing any amount in the beginning. While playing bingo you can join the bingo community to stay in touch with the other online players. In this way, you can stay updated regarding the information on the tournaments, bonuses, and rewards. 

Final Verdict

Bingo themed games are amongst the all-time favorite and much-loved ones in the segment. This game by Playtech is sure to steal the attention of the gamers. The most appealing aspects of this game are high returns and exciting rewards that would keep the gamers glued to their screens. If you want to test your luck, then Pop Bingo is the best place for you to win. But perhaps you should read some online bingo tips if you are celebrating big winnings.

Provider: playtech
Category: Arcade
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